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Daily Burn Program - EPOC/MetCon

Can Metabolic Conditioning transform your body in 12 minutes?  No not possible!   HOWEVER can  intense  bouts of 60-second Inertia Wave Methods of Use done 12 minutes per day ...4x per week get you  AMAZING results over the course of several weeks? The answer is YES! 

The Science Behind Going All Out with the Inertia Wave.

“The goal of metabolic conditioning is to train your body to work at a higher intensity and increase the efficiency of storage and delivery of energy.”
The prevailing wisdom many years ago was that long endurance training sessions were necessary to improve your cardiovascular system. Now, research suggests there’s more than one way to improve your cardio fitness. Study after study has continued to show that interval training, the art of alternating high-intensity with low-intensity efforts, can be beneficial for your heart and lungs. High-intensity training can also be just as effective as traditional endurance training at burning fat. And thanks to the afterburn effect, (EPOC) You will continue to burn calories and fat immediately following your all-out training session.  

 HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Enter: metabolic conditioning, aka MetCon, a specific type of interval training designed to improve the delivery of nutrients to the body with set rest and work ratios. This increase in efficiency translates to other activities so you can lower your time in your next mud run or even your next marathon. The goal of metabolic conditioning is to train your body to work at a higher intensity and increase the efficiency of storage and delivery of energy. The methods behind the protocol involve pushing your heart and body to the max before allowing a brief period of recovery and then repeating.  The more you do this, the more efficient you become meaning your body is able to deliver oxygen, pump blood, and meet the demands of exercise with less work.

So how exactly can 12 minutes of high-intensity exercise with the Inertia Wave mimic the effects of a longer cardio session?  The answer lies in specific enzymes and cell signaling pathways stimulated by all-out effort. In short, the “on” periods where you’re working as hard as possible create a cascade of events within the body that leads to beneficial adaptations such as an increase in mitochondria (the “power plant” of the body) and an increase in our ability to burn fat for fuel.

 Movements like bodyweight squats, which are easily modifiable and can be done virtually anywhere. Complex, full-body exercises also beat out machine-based variations that are predictable, and have no cary over to real life or function. 

The Inertia Wave MetCon recomendation:

 A 30-on/30-off ratio would mean you’re going all-out for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second rest. Not quite up to speed? Move to 20/40 or 15/45 depending until you build up your fitness level. The key is to push yourself towards your max heart rate. Use your precieved rate of exertion and start slowly. 

The Inertia Wave is more intense than double unders in jump rope. Your goal is to perform the 7- Methods of Use, in a row non-stop in a 60 second window...then rest 2- MINUTES. Doing that 12 times! Thats the Daily Burn MetCon with the Inertia Wave.

About the Author
Dave Parise
Dave Parise is a recognized leader in the fitness industry since 1987. Founder and former President of Results Plus Personal Training Center for 32 years, Dave is a National Academic Provider for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) and the National Federation Of Personal Trainers (N.F.P.T.). Dave has educated over 5,000 professionals at his nationally recognized school, Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School and has been noted as one of the Top 100 Trainers in the United States.