Inertia Wave Benefits vs Battle Ropes

A scientist’s perspective -The physics

Specifically: why the Inertia Wave it is far more interesting than battle ropes. Its a great user friendly alternative. The Inertia Wave device demonstrates the science of mechanical impedance. Its conclusive while “using the IW it’s a tremendous “cognitive challenge” That makes perfect sense: while the user is driving the elastic lines, creating different paths of motion, keeping the energy in the tubes / lines all in different planes, the lines are driving back on the user. The critical term from physics is an “impedance match”: altering the concert of tensions in our bodies to be fully engaged with the IW. Unless you are cognitively engaged, the IW will take you to an uncordinated place, knock you around.

I suspect you have a vastly superior tool.

 Former MIT associate by Phil Earnhardt 20-year Engineering MIT