Inertia Wave Inertia Wave

Metabolic Conditioning - Energy Optimization

The Inertia Wave is a portable Tactile Metabolic Conditioning device. (MetCon) It is no joke, and only for people who want to or already are engaged in physical activities above the norm.

If you master the 7-Methods you will SAVE 28 minutes per day, an average of 168 minutes or 2.8 hours per week of NOT doing cardio. A 12 minute bout with a constant (continuous) flow of the 7- Methods equates to a 35- minute cardio machine at the gym. (1.2) One and a half minutes of the IW far exceeds a 4- minute hard climb (out of the saddle) during spinning. The only close second Burn Rate would be  double unders- continuous jump roping.

NOTE: Double unders are not regular jumping ropes.

Time our greatest commodity-
You GOT Wave-You Got Time!

Save time and feel amazing - actually Super-Human!

About the Author
Dave Parise
Dave Parise is a recognized leader in the fitness industry since 1987. Founder and former President of Results Plus Personal Training Center for 32 years, Dave is a National Academic Provider for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) and the National Federation Of Personal Trainers (N.F.P.T.). Dave has educated over 5,000 professionals at his nationally recognized school, Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School and has been noted as one of the Top 100 Trainers in the United States.