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Inertia Wave Workout

by Dave Parise on Oct 27, 2022

  • Did you happen to see the email that came to you within five minutes of purchasing the INERTIA WAVE… (from Help@Inertiawave.Com ) it was a thank you confirmation letter unfortunately not too many open it ... lol
  • It contains everything you need in regards to the methods and proper anchoring.
  • Please check your inbox, and spam/trash...One of the links in the thank you confirmation letter is called “creative ways to anchor your INERTIA WAVE”
  • The other links are Beginners methods of use” & the “Advanced methods@ of use... Those are the first two you have to start with for the SOLO & STRONG model. Watch them so you could master the methods, and understand the body position, the torque / tension on the tubes, the feet no more than 12 inches apart… Etc. etc.…
  • Once you feel comfortable with the beginner methods of use, in the right body position, with the right tension on the tubes, hearing the INTENSE wind sound, and anchoring the device with the black rail straps. (NEVER OMIT) Now go to the “advanced methods” there’s 13. It is impossible to say how long you’re going to do any method for it’s all based on your perceived rate of exertion, and your present physical condition everyone is different.
  • Now you can go to INERTIA WAVE on Instagram “official page” only make sure it says inertia wave official page… you could see some workouts that I’m posting. You can also #inertiawave on Instagram. 
  • The Inertia Wave ® is a workout in itself the goal is to learn how to transition from one method to another smooth, rhythmic, and coordinated. don’t think of it as the only work out… It’s to be done in between your strength training movement patterns, before workout, or after work out… Again the goal is to learn how to transition through one to three methods with no rest.
  • Another example: let’s say you’re training your abs you should be doing the Ab crusher, and the Ab twister exercise… then maybe you will rest by getting in a plank position.
  • Think of the Inertia Wave ®️ products as a jumping rope, that engages your entire body. It’s part of a circuit- it is an intense literally extreme cardio vascular & core bout which has extreme demands over a 30 to possibly 45 second window. Ask yourself if you went all out how long can you jump rope without getting winded? Use it the same way -watch both video links, 7-Methods & ADVANCED methods of use, and see if you can go longer, and longer, as you increase your stamina, and cardiovascular endurance. 
  • You are creating waves of motion, whether transverse, or sagittal based/ Via the 7-Methods of use video, or advanced methods. You can use it pre-as a warm-up, during as a metabolic conditioning, and or high intensity interval training, or use it post -as a cool down... it all depends on the intensity & your perceived rate of exertion.
  • For beginners or kids you could start with one tube and do the same methods...Whether you’re doing it inside, outdoors, or in your gym, it can be a “go to station“ between exercises… Whether it’s weightlifting, and or just bodyweight exercises… it will work specific muscle groups depending on the method seen in the videos… That’s where your creativity comes in…
  • A form of high intensity interval training, (HIIT) tabata, or metabolic conditioning is exactly why the device was created… It’s super exceeds double under jump ropes, and many forms of cardiovascular activity in extremely short window of time… also on the homepage of the website where you ordered it shows you the difference between the battle rope versus INERTIA WAVE ®️
  • Master the 7- Methods first, and then add lower body movement patterns like step back lunges, pop squats, fast feet, side shuffles things of that nature.
  • Now it’s time to Master the advanced Methods!
  • Once you master the methods you can add lower body movement patterns whether it’s a side shuffle, step back lunge, pop squats, whatever your heart desires... whatever your athletically inclined to do. The results of using the Inertia Wave 4x per week, 12 minutes per day are astronomical, and will surpass any other form of cardiovascular / metabolic conditioning. 
  • Inertia Wave Dave