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Academic Provider Certification

During the Academic Provider Certification course, you will learn how to properly perform all of the Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave SOLO and Inertia Wave DUO. Additionally, you will learn the proper ways to anchor the Inertia Wave SOLO and ways to communicate with your partner when using the Inertia Wave DUO.

Once you pass this course, you will have full rights to hold Master Trainer courses at the venue of your choice and certify others as Master Trainers. You will teach a 6-hour course with all of the material you learn here and “change the environment” through the incorporation of different types of functional training tools. Overall, attendees will walk away from the course with their Master Trainer certification, the ability to recognize incorrect movement patterns, and know how to correct those patterns.

What you will receive

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Become officially certified as an Inertia Wave Academic Provider!

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Receive a physical and official certificate of completion - complete with seal of approval - mailed to your address.

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Directory Listing

Be entered into our public database of certified users where others find your contact information by location and qualification.

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Host Your Own Courses

Receive the ability to officially hold Inertia Wave Master Trainer courses in your own venue and certify others.

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When you host your own courses, get one-third of your attendee’s registration fees paid back to you!

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Discounted Products

Purchase Inertia Wave Travel Bags discounted at 50% off the original price.

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Wholesale Pricing

Purchase Inertia Waves (minimum of 6 units) at the wholesale price of $60.00 per pair. Your choice of model and colors.

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Personal Discount

By email request, receive a coupon code for $25.00 off of a new Inertia Wave. Keep it to yourself or share it with a friend. (1 max use)

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Download a digital copy of our course manual.

Ready to become a certified Academic Provider?