Information on nutritional values of food
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Information on nutritional values of food

by Dave Parise on Oct 19, 2021

Konversations with Karin:

“My nutrition professor said you would be better off giving your children the cardboard box than the cereal inside! Most cereals have way too much sugar, inflammatory oils, and food coloring!”

You know what is amazing to me! That half the food in a supermarket is not fit for human consumption! To eat healthily is pretty simple … if God didn’t make it don’t eat it! So many foods have no nutritional value, actually the opposite… they are a detriment to our health! One of the biggest culprits is cereal. All of which are not good for our health! The brilliant marketing to our children makes it so easy to want to buy these products! Do not be fooled.. this is not a healthy food to start your kid's day! If you choose to give them cereal whole grains are the way to go. They give you energy and fiber which aid in digestion. 

Be a discerning shopper! Read food labels and choose products with one or two ingredients! Teach your child when they are young… they will live a much healthier life! Moreover PLEASE do not let a day go by without activity. 

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Karin K Marinaro