The Top 10 Battle Rope Workouts Compared to the Inertia Wave
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The Top 10 Battle Rope Workouts Compared to the Inertia Wave

by Dave Parise on Mar 31, 2018


 After a study group of 22 athletes in the follwing fields: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, IFBB Pro (placed top 10 in 2014 olympia) Basketball, wrestling, tennis, and avid Iron man triathletes. All compairing products Battle Ropes that have one anchor point. (On the ground attached to a loop, weight, weighted plate, or wrapped around a pole like structure.)  One particular rope had a bungee like feel and an outer protective cover. Every athlete was then told to perform what they know how to do while using a battle type rope.  

The results of Battle Ropes, and a  product that has a bungee like feel VS. Inertia Wave.

The comments:

  1. All athletes felt tension and stress with the ropes.
  2. All athletes expressed a slight added pressure in thier wrist joint.
  3. All athletes agreed the battle ropes felt like dead energy and more anaerobic than aerobic. 
  4. All athletes made reference to the lack of different paths or planes to which the ropes could move, it was more like muscle up and down, too much tension. Some stated "I get enough activity in my strengh training program, I don't need more strain and stress with a rope". 

The results / statements of the Inertia Wave VS. The "bungee type feel" of this other product like a battling rope.

"I love the fact it anchors off the ground, and wide apart, my wrist is in line with my elbow "Makes sence" and will go in every path of motion. "The ropes will not do that'

"I feel it within 30 seconds, and my back muscles are engadged. I felt no stress in my anterior shoulder, or arms. I was winded after 30 seconds! 

There is no comparision to the spring like rope, or the battle rope- This blows it away! 

You cant do a transverse oscillations with a battle rope, No engagment of deep core muscles with battle ropes. I prefer the feel of the Inertia wave as it helps with anti-twist and rotation. The ropes are one plane as you stress your wrists, neck and shoulder girdle. The Inertia Wave is smooth flows like water.

Far superior,  and I can travel with it anywhere! At 2.4 lbs its a little killer"