Dopamineo Bands Dopa Band VS. Inertia Wave System
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Dopamineo Bands Dopa Band VS. Inertia Wave System

by Dave Parise on Jan 25, 2023

DOPAMINEO Bands Dopa Band for short Testing Lab review. Popular Bands in the fighter world. People need to know the difference.

Hello everyone! I am trying to be as professional as possible in regard to the Question: We have done studies, and reviews along with Professors at MIT, PSU, testing labs in regards to Dopamineo bands.

Dopa Bands are solid silicone tubes which should never be used in rubber fitness tubes -only gaskets!! and spear guns.

  1. The same physical properties found in the DOPA bands are on amazon purchased off a spool. The potential energy once in motion is a quality factor of 0- that's physics. 0- is the lowest rating possible when testing impendences match and feedback responses. Inertia Wave was rated 5 by MIT. Five is the highest rating in physics.

  2. The Inertia Wave is 58% natural rubber with an elongation density powder that's added to the rubber vats of 300 gallons in MEXICO. No cheap silicone, that mimics a floppy, no feedback tube. (Again Dopa bands are nothing more than a purchased spool, they cut and send it to you) Silicone tubing (DOPA BANDS) There's no anchoring hardware to protect the tubes. You must tie the Dopa Bands to an object. The more you knot, and un knot the bands start to tear, and become more elastic in nature. (Lose coefficient) . Dopa Bands lose coefficient, and become weak, brittle, and develop micro tears within 1 year. Hence the reasoning behind the length-tension relationship of the three articulating surfaces on the Inertia Wave ®️STRONG & SOLO.

  3. The Inertia Wave has a double reinforced overlay at the end where you anchor...has a solid steel O-RING, carabiner that sits in the middle, and is attached to a D-RING. In physics, this tension relationship takes 2/3rds of the stress torque of the O-ring. So...the DOPAMINEO band absorbs all the stress at the anchor point, so you lose kinetic energy, and completely deregulate the resistance profile.

  4. "BREAK STRENGTH" The Inertia Wave has been tested at 3500 lbs per sq. inch, and The Dopamineo broke at 1500 lbs per sq. inch. In regards to elongation: The Inertia Wave has a 750% rating, and the Dopamieo barely made 400%. "WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE KNOW" Never go by the way it looks. Users know the difference.

Personally, I am utterly baffled why the DOPA bands are ever compared, or in the same sentence as the Inertia Wave®️ However, we are all entitled to our own opinion. For those who know, and those who have purchased and are using the Inertia Wave, I Dave Parise CEO creator thank you! For those who are on the fence based on this review...hopefully, I have given you some insight into the FACTS. A floppy silicone tube, you tie in knots??? VS. A system created and formulated that exceeds standards and guidelines. Double reinforced webbing to anchor, dipped 15 times, and sealed and ozone protected 6 times. We are approved by the military. The Inertia Wave Holds 1500 lbs of torque, tensile strength (psi) exceeds federal standards by 46%. Those are just some of the quality factors regarding the Inertia Wave System.

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