A safer, more effective battle ropes alternative for licensed medical prodessionals.

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Medical Professionals opinion: Inertia Wave

The Inertia Wave is a multi-faceted rehabilitation and performance enhancing device. The Inertia Wave will improve sports performance, strength, cardio, along with superior muscle endurance, and neuromuscular re-education. It enhances back stabilization, and is a superior proprioceptive stabilizer.

We find it to be light weight 2.5lbs easy to store, transport and the Inertia Wave is safe and effective to use at all levels of need and ability; Young and seasoned athletes, amateur and professional, as well as the weekend warriors. All can benefit with the use of the Inertia Wave. While patient or athlete is using, the skill level dictates the output of energy. All levels will feel the challenge of the various body systems at use. Additional, the neuro-compromised patient benefits along with proprioceptive feedback, and joint stabilizing muscle contractions are what is amazing with the Inertia wave. When needed the IW also can be used to challenge the compromised balance patient with the need to find center of gravity while creating and controlling a dynamic movement pattern.

With Lumbar stabilization, the principle of stabilizing the smaller core musculature (local) vs the larger global muscle is optimized with the Inertia Wave, while controlling the dynamic movement of the Inertia Wave in a static stance, as well as a dynamic stance, the typically less used spinal stabilizing musculature and coordinated neuromuscular responses are challenged in a safe Non-axial loading, but weight bearing method.

Unlike a traditional battle rope (dead energy) which may be too heavy to hold for the post-operative patient and elderly patient, the Inertia wave is light weight, (less than 2.4 lbs.) and its feedback is based on your own inertia energy placed into the elastomers, as well as distance of stance from is anchor position. Unlike traditional exercise tubing, it’s a higher grade of water protein complex that will withstand various conditions of use and resistance.


  • Proximal stabilization of the GH / scapular & Hip and ankle joints
  • Balance and proprioceptive training
  • Lumbar stabilization and deep core re-education
  • Cardiac endurance
  • CNS and strength fatigue training
  • Cognitive and dexterity re-education
  • Affordability and cost effective for prescriptive home exercise use.