Inertia Wave

A safer, more effective battle ropes alternative.

Introducing the Inertia Wave

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The #1 portable or stationary Metabolic Conditioning device designed to engage the entire musculo-skeletal system and core superior to Battle Ropes, far more caloric burn than double-under jump ropes. Attach it virtually anywhere at home or on the go and begin one of the most intense workouts of your life. Yes we said it, and you better believe it!

Anchor it virtually anywhere!

Anchor it virtually anywhere!

With it's versatile anchoring system, you can work out anywhere, anytime and attach it anywhere you go. On fences, trees, benches, weight stations, even in the trunk of your car, just attach it and start waving.

Optimized for you

Optimized for you

This single-person device is fully optimized for ease-of-use and to deliver the most intense HIIT workout of your life.

Safety First

Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance! The Inertia Wave is built with a solid steel, double reinforced O-ring on the anchoring end. That, along with the durable nylon rail strap and carabiner can withstand up to 600lbs of torque allowing you to wave hard without worry.

Learn the
7 Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave

The essential how-to guide for using your Inertia Wave effectively.

Learn the Methods

Videos to get you started

Please watch these videos prior to your first workout with the Inertia Wave. These videos contain instructions on how to properly anchor and perform the 7 Methods of Use.

Learn the 7 Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave™
Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave™
Other Creative Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave™