Inertia Wave

A portable or stationary metabolic conditioning device designed to engage your entire body and strengthen your core. The Inertia Wave is superior to battle ropes with far more caloric burn than double-under jump ropes. Great for your home gym, fitness facility, or training center - attach it virtually anywhere at home or on the go and begin one of the most intense workouts of your life.
Category: Signature Products

What's included with your purchase:

  • (1) Pair Inertia Wave (2 tubes total).
  • (1) Pair Rail Anchors (2 anchors total).
  • (1) Inertia Wave Safety Instructions.
  • A promo code for a $1.00 lifetime membership to Fix My Fitness Club where you can view over 400+ videos of the "Why Not's" and "How-To's" of fitness as well as "Eat Great in 8" healthy cooking videos.
Learn the 7 Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave™
Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave™
Other Creative Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave™

The proper way to anchor using rail straps is to wrap it tightly around an object. Feed the D-ring of the rail strap through the opening loop of the strap and pull it tightly three times. Make this connection as snug as you can to the point where the stap cannot slide up or down as you utilize the Inertia Wave. Attach the carabiner to the D-ring and the O-ring. Make sure the carabiner is completely closed before use. Do NOT attach the rail straps to any sharp or jagged objects. Be sure to use as much of the rail strap as possible - do not shorten or modify (see above).

There are countless creative ways for you to anchor your Inertia Wave! Please watch our video "Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave" for more details.

These features are used securely anchor the Inertia Wave. The combination of these components help to alleviate the stress, wear, and torque on the anchored end of the Inertia Wave by creating a "stress curve". For best results and a longer lasting Inertia Wave, you MUST keep the rail strap as long as possible - do not wrap the rail strap around objects repeatedly to shorten its length. The longer the strap, the less strain on the O-ring and tubes.
Although we urge you to get creative with your Inertia Wave products by coming up with unique custom methods, you should never use them as a resistance tube or bungee. It will loose its integrity and can possibly cause you harm.
We recommend, for your safety, never pulling or stretching the Inertia Wave longer than 26 inches. Its not a bungee and it may lose its integrity if you use it like a resistance tube.
A clearing of 4 feet from left or right- then put your 1st anchor- 2nd anchor 24-36 inches apart YOUR CHOICE. Then SKIP 4 feet - drill or screw in the next anchorrepeat this sequence.
YES! Please watch creative ways to anchor, you will learn why, and your product will perform at 100% and last 2x longer!
From the anchor Point to your hands you need 11.5 feet- You need a total of 4 feet to your left, and 4 feet to your right for the most beneficial moves. IE: Super Typhoon, Crossfire, Double Over.
Unfortunately, no. The rubber tubing used to create the Inertia Wave products contains a small amount of latex.
Yes, all of the Inertia Waves are the same regardless of color. Their color variants are strictly cosmetic.