Inertia Wave DUO Variety 3-Pack


Earn savings when you buy more! The Inertia Wave Variety 3-Pack contains (2) Inertia Wave DUOs and (1) Inertia Wave in your choice of color.

A portable or stationary metabolic conditioning device designed to engage your entire body and strengthen your core. The Inertia Wave is superior to battle ropes with far more caloric burn than double-under jump ropes. Great for your home gym, fitness facility, or training center - attach it virtually anywhere at home or on the go and begin one of the most intense workouts of your life.

Category: Bundle Packs

What's included with your purchase:

  • A total of in savings!
  • (2) Pairs Inertia Wave DUO tubes (4 tubes total).
  • (1) Pair Inertia Wave tubes (2 tubes total).
  • (1) Pair Rail Straps for anchoring the Inertia Wave (2 straps total).
  • (1) Inertia Wave Safety Instructions.
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