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Yes, all Inertia Waves and Inertia Wave DUO's are the same. Their colors are strictly cosmetic.
Unfortunately, no. The Inertia Wave and Inertia Wave DUO both contain a small amount of latex.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are distributed in two ways: 1) On our website and social media profiles during sales or holiday specials. 2) On the websites and social media profiles of our influencers. See 'Influencers > How to Apply" for more information on influencers.
Once you have placed all of the items you'd like to purchase into your shopping cart, click on the "View Cart" button, or the shopping bag icon at the top of the website. This will bring you to the "My Cart" page. On the bottom of this page, you can input your code into the "Have a coupon code?" bar and click "Apply". If the coupon code is successfully applied, you will see a green message below the inuput field stating "Success! Your coupon code was applied.", and the discounted amount reflected in your cart above.
If there is a problem with the coupon code you are trying to use, you may receive a red or yellow message. Yellow messages refer to valid coupons that cannot be applied due to a specific stipulation. Red messages refer to invalid coupons that cannot be used at all. Please read the message you are given carefully, as they often explain the reason why your coupon code was declined in detail.


There are three different ways in which you can check out:
  1. Create an account and check out - You provide your name, email address, phone number, and a password. This will create a user account in which you can sign in and use to view or track your orders.
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Sales tax will be charged on all orders sold in the US state of Connecticut only. This will automatically be added to your order when you choose Connecticut as the billing state.
All orders are shipped using FedEx. You, the customer, get to choose which method of shipping you would like use. Each method has its own transit times and is priced by FedEx based on package dimensions and weights.
Once your order is placed and if you created a user account, you can log in to see the status of your order(s). Once your order is shipped, you will also receive an email. This email will contain a recap of your order your FedEx tracking number.

Payments & Refunds

Absolutely. Your safety while using our website is always a priority. All credit card information is encrypted and processed by Authorize.net. No credit card information is stored within our system. Your personal information will never be distributed or sold to third parties.
Yes, please view our refund policy for more information on returning your product for a refund.

Inertia Wave


These features are used securely anchor the Inertia Wave. The combination of these components help to alleviate the stress, wear, and torque on the anchored end of the Inertia Wave by creating a "stress curve". For best results and a longer lasting Inertia Wave, you MUST keep the rail strap as long as possible - do not wrap the rail strap around objects repeatedly to shorten its length. The longer the strap, the less strain on the O-ring and tubes.

The proper way to anchor using rail straps is to wrap it tightly around an object. Feed the D-ring of the rail strap through the opening loop of the strap and pull it tightly three times. Make this connection as snug as you can to the point where the stap cannot slide up or down as you utilize the Inertia Wave. Attach the carabiner to the D-ring and the O-ring. Make sure the carabiner is completely closed before use. Do NOT attach the rail straps to any sharp or jagged objects. Be sure to use as much of the rail strap as possible - do not shorten or modify (see above).

There are countless creative ways for you to anchor your Inertia Wave! Please watch our video "Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave for more details.

Inertia Wave DUO


We recommend never pulling or stretching the Inertia Wave DUO longer than 24-inches. It’s not a bungee and it may lose its integrity if you use it like a resistance tube.
The original Inertia Wave has a solid steel O-Ring built into it. If a user were to let go, it can become very dangerous. The Inertia Wave DUO has safety straps instead. The Inertia Wave DUO has been tested and quality controlled and approved safety straps.
It is the user's responsibility and the user's negligence for the causation of any injury. User must be aware of sweaty hands, surroundings, and anything that may harm spectators or yourself. It is mandatory that you wear safety straps at all times.
You will void all terms, and be held accountable for any injuries.

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