Inertia Wave Inertia Wave

Hero Wave

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Option 1: Wave Maker & Anchor Person

The Wave Maker holds the ends of the tubes securely and starts to spring the tubes individually in a drumroll motion. The method of the Hero Wave is a spring-like up-and-down continuous drum roll pattern with each tube moving in opposite directions - right, left, right left - one at a time. The center of the tubes must hit the ground, creating the drumming sound.

Meanwhile, the Anchor Person holds the ends of the tubes on the opposite side and attempts to hold them in place.

Option 2: Wave Maker & Wave Maker

Both users are Wave Makers and simultaneously perform the Hero Wave method as described above. Timing and communication are key.

Pro Tips

  • Always secure your safety straps and tighten the cord locks!
  • Keep your knees bent and spring-like.
  • Space your feet no wider than 12-inches apart.
  • Pull the tubes inward, close to your body.
  • Communicate!