Inertia Wave Inertia Wave

Thumbs Up Oxygen Thief

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Hold the tubes securely in each hand in the thumbs up position. Walk back creating tension on the tubes. Start to spring the length of both tubes simultaneously and build the speed in the tubes as they get close to, or slap the ground. While continuously waving the tubes, add a jump squat several inches off the ground. The user is in the air and the tubes never stop! The user will repeat this method several times based on when they want to jump, and the tubes continue to wave sagittally (up and down).

Pro Tips

  • Keep your knees bent and spring-like
  • Space your feet no wider than 12-inches apart
  • Pull the tubes inward, close to your chest with elbows high
  • Time your jump - you want to continue waving while you're in the air
  • Land your jump into a squat. Do not stick the landing