The World's' Most Versatile, Portable, Affordable, Effective, Core & Cardio Device.

Reviewed by: MIT, PSU, SCSU

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Inertia Wave STRONG

#1 *BEST VALUE Inertia Wave® STRONG

Our Newest, Most Popular PRO Variant which lets you perform Strength Training Exercises in between Wave Patterns. Comes with Clip-on Hand Grips (2) & (2) Long Belt Attachments.This is an Anchored Device. Equipped with Anchor straps.

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Inertia Wave DUO

Non-Anchored Inertia Wave® DUO + FREE TRAVEL BAG

Train with a Partner, "Non-Anchored" Two-Person Version Inertia Wave. Used In Group Fitness Classes. Equipped with safety straps, and locks. (Option to Braid) 4 to 12 people in a circle)

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Inertia Wave SOLO

Anchored Inertia Wave® SOLO

Train By Yourself -The Original Anchored Single-Person HIIT Training Tool. 30 Ways to Anchor 16 To 32 Inches Apart, 40 Inches Off Ground. Equipped with rail anchor straps.

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Inertia Wave Bundles

Big Savings + Free Shipping! Mix & Match Bundles

2,3,4,5,6 or 10+ Bundle Packs to maximize Performance & Savings! Want more than 15? Make sure you message us first to make sure you get the best deal!


“Maximize your fitness with the Inertia Wave, a versatile and dynamic fitness tool widely adopted in gyms, fitness franchises, and home workouts. Ideal for diverse training environments, including boot camps, professional athlete training, kids' fitness programs, adaptive training, and senior fitness programming, the Inertia Wave is a staple in military, police, SWAT, firefighter, and rehabilitation workouts. The Inertia Wave, a portable, metabolic conditioning fitness kit, is expertly designed to enhance core strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular health. Outperforming traditional battle ropes, the Inertia Wave delivers a high-intensity workout, efficiently targeting cardiovascular and core strength in a brief, effective training session.”

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An Intensely, More Effective Battle Ropes Alternative

BECOME SUPERHUMAN “Discover the Inertia Wave, hailed as the world’s most versatile, portable, and affordable core and cardio device. Unmatched in its effectiveness, the Inertia Wave is designed for those seeking the ultimate tool in enhancing their core strength and cardiovascular fitness. This innovative device stands out as the top choice for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency in every workout. Get on the Inertia Wave to explore the pinnacle of portable, affordable, and effective core and cardio fitness solutions.” Moreover, For Those Who Want SAFE Optimal Results in Far less time. The Inertia Wave: An Intense Superior Alternative to Battle Ropes.

Inertia Wave Represents...

"Discover the groundbreaking Inertia Wave, a game-changer in metabolic conditioning. Expertly designed to activate the posterior chain with both eccentric and concentric muscle contractions, it innovatively channels energy back into the body with its inner wave technology. Experience a redefined approach to fitness and muscle engagement with the Inertia Wave, leading the way in advanced, efficient workouts."

Fat Cells Are Cry Babies, While You Torch Fat and Maintain Muscle Mass.

“Proven by research from MIT, PSU, and Southern Connecticut State University, the Inertia Wave outperforms traditional exercises like Burpees, Jump Rope, Battle Ropes, and Medicine Ball Slams in terms of caloric expenditure. This fact highlights the superior efficiency of the Inertia Wave as a tool for burning calories and enhancing fitness. Discover the science-backed benefits of the Inertia Wave for effective, high-calorie workouts.”

Surpass Your Fitness Goals.

Watch the Beginner & Advanced Training Videos. They Go To Your Inbox From After Purchase. Master the 18 Inertia Wave Methods for Intervals of 30-60 seconds. You will Accelerate and boost your metabolic rate. Superior to any Cardio Machine, or Core Exercise.

Increased Post-Oxygen Consumption. EPOC

“Revolutionize your fitness routine with the Inertia Wave, a groundbreaking workout tool that significantly boosts Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Experience the EPOC effect as it propels your body’s repair cycle into hyperdrive, continuing to burn fat metabolically for 24 hours after your Inertia Wave workout. Inertia Wave's advanced fitness technology not only enhances your workout efficiency, but also maximizes fat burning, making it an essential tool for those looking to improve their fitness and metabolic health.

30 Second Set Up, 30 Ways To Anchor.

Takes 30 Seconds to Anchor the SOLO & STRONG Models. Over 30 Ways to Anchor. (DUO Models No Anchor Required) A Portable Gym For Home or Travel.

Inertia Wave is less than 4 Lbs, 9 Feet Long

Inertia Wave weighs 3 lbs, 9 feet Long, with a 10 inch Connecting Rail Strap. Portable, patented, Carry it with you anywhere, anytime – wherever you go!

Inertia Wave Has Sold Over 82,127 units Worldwide!


Concentric & Ecccentric

Smooth, rhythmic, and coordinated movements

Benefits your entire body and strengthens your core

Increased timing, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function

Proven to burn far more calories than battle ropes and jump ropes

Less than 3 pounds, it's lightweight, portable and easy to store

With endless ways to anchor, you can take it and work out anywhere!

Does not fray, unwind or tear100% safe when properly practicing the Methods of Use

Has 18 Paths of motion


Eccentric only

Extreme movements cause tension and pain on wrists and shoulder joints

Pulls shoulders forward and rounds your back promoting poor posture.

Not a great way to enhance cognitive or athletic abilities

Proven to burn far less calories

Heavy, bulky and expensive ropes clutter your workout space

Fixed attachments force all energy into floor

Frays and unwinds as plastic-dipped ends chip and fall off

A huge liability to your gym or club

Has only 4 paths of motion