Here’s What You Need To Do...

 NOTE:  If you don’t hear an incredible wind sound, you know you need to walk back more, put more tension, put your feet closer together, FOLLOW BELOW

1- Decide whether you’re going to use the pronated grip (Seen in Beginners Video) with your fist under your rib cage, elbows back, sternum high, looking over the Horizon…Feet No further than 12 inches apart!

Or…. The Advanced methods, which I recommend. The ADVANCED VID is a "Thumbs Up Position", fist on the side of your cheeks, elbows in 90° of flexion, never changes… Pump the tubes up and down with the elbow joint keeping that 90° of flexion in the elbow … Elbows are basically pointed towards the ground out in front of you. GET the tubes to rise & fall from the center. Keep the rhythm, don’t muscle it or it will look sloppy. (Watch all 18 Patterns)

  • BEGINNER Method Videos: Hold end caps securely. Hold end caps and walk back, with elbows back, until if feels like its “slightly pulling you forward.”
  • Keep all your weight towards “heel box” (mid foot to back of ankle)
  • ADVANCED Method Videos - Grab the end caps in the THUMBS UP position, FIST on the sides of your cheeks.
  • Try not to stand with feet wider than 12 inches apart
  • Stay loose and don’t muscle it, or it will be floppy, and won’t oscillate properly
  • If you don’t hear an intense wind sound you know you’re not walking back far enough (Tension) or putting any intensity into the movement. …You must hear a wind sound! Every method! (18 in all)
  • Always anchor the INERTIA WAVE 24-36 inches apart, 36-40 inches off ground.
  • Never stand with feet wider than 12 inches!
  • Stand tall, look over the horizon, have a slight bend in ankles, knees, and hips. NEVER look down.
  • Shake the water off your hands (Our favorite) Shoulder to elbows barely move. Elbow to Wrist provides the momentum. 
  • Keep cervical posture neutral at all times- always look over the horizon.
  • Try not to muscle it, the tubes will start to lose energy and slow down
  • (NEVER) extend your arms out in front of you.