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Top Home Fitness Equipment Inertia Wave / Metabolic Kickstart

by Dave Parise on Mar 03, 2018

Metabolic Kickstart with IW-MetCon (Inertia Wave Metabolic Conditioning)

If you're not ready for the intensity of Metabolic Conditioning you can adopt a workout program that will prepare you for the more rigorous demands of metabolic conditioning.

For example: 

Inertia Wave Circuits Whether you're performing strength circuits, cardio circuits or a combination, circuit training replicates one element of MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) is defined by compelling you to move from one exercise to another with either short rests or no rests in between. Practice your Beginner & Advanced Workouts found in our Video Library... one after another with 60 or more REST seconds between each set. (Go by the way you feel) As your fitness improves and you become accustomed to the no Rest sets. After a few shorts weeks you will start reducing the REST sets each time, decreasing by 10-15 seconds or, eventually, removing the REST sets altogether. You now will be doing all Wave Movements in a row 10-15 seconds of each!  (YOU ROCK!) This simple act will increase the metabolic demand on your body, and that's what IW-MetCon is all about. 

Change different elements in your workouts.

 Changing the Metabolic demands on your body can be as simple as lifting heavier weights, working slightly harder during cardio sessions, adopting less REST after a set, performing 30-60 seconds of Inertia Wave Patterns after a strength move, or a body weight exercise such as a plank or hip thrust.

 Why? and what are the benefits?

 High EPOC level is associated with elevated metabolism and increased secretion of growth hormone and noradrenaline. These hormones help break down stores of FAT and increase their use as a fuel source. With the Inertia Wave.  There is a significant caloric cost for the body to return the body to its resting state. This includes replenishing depleted energy reserves, repairing cellular damage, clearing metabolic byproducts and facilitating tissue growth. The net effect lasts as long as 36 hours after exercise, burning as many as 150 calories a day beyond resting levels.

Wait what’s the catch?

 You need to work out intensely to maximize EPOC. That makes the Inertia Wave homerun when it comes to slimming down and shaping up and becoming a Superhuman athlete. It’s a fantastic metabolic conditioning device but is quite advanced. Whether you are totally novice, or the elite athlete, or somewhere in between, you will progress and adapt within 3 weeks.

 Circuit with machines, weights, and the Inertia Wave

 If you want to rev up your or your client’s fat burning potential, circuit training can provide a better caloric burn for their workout buck. The traditional way that most people lift weights is to do a set of repetitions, wait, rest, do another set and repeat. (Oh, I forgot & talk to their friends about their weekend) Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with training in this manner. In fact, it’s an excellent way to build strength and develop muscle, and friends. lol

Circuit training is carried out by performing a set of an exercise then moving directly to a different exercise and then adding the Inertia Wave  for 30 INTENSE seconds. The idea is to keep your heart rate elevated so that they continue burning a maximal number of calories as they lift, and WAVE.  It’s an advanced way to build muscles and strip away fat: a win wave proposition.