Inertia Wave workouts are far superior than Battle Ropes
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Inertia Wave workouts are far superior than Battle Ropes

by Dave Parise on Jul 11, 2019

"I have recently tested the Inertia Wave and three different  Battle Rope companies and strongly believe the Inertia Wave is the far superior product. To begin with, its flexible and secure anchoring allows the two-band system to be used in a variety of locations. While this is a convenient feature, what sets the Inertia Wave apart from the majority of Battle Ropes is its feel and ease of use. With relatively small body movements, one can quickly establish an oscillation with the lighter weight Inertia Wave. Once in motion, the elasticity resistance of the Inertia Wave’s elastomer helps the user maintain the oscillating wave. These same properties also make the Inertia Wave a versatile product that can be used in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The Battle Rope has no ability to creater energy, all disapated into the ground. The other company that has an elastic sheeth covered battle Rope seems sluggish in comparison and requires more effort to maintain a steady oscillation. I believe the design of the Inertia Wave enhances the user experience. Users don’t have to struggle to maintain an oscillation of energy, and can instead focus on other important workout aspects, such as maintaining good posture and body movements, increasing the velocity of the band without allowing it to move in many planes, and developing endurance. "

Leonared A Kolstad lll
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