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by Dave Parise on Sep 19, 2018


Metabolic Testing Labs / Human Performance Labs

Dave Parise CEO
PRODUCT: Inertia Wave Metabolic Conditioning Device

Dave Parise  RE: Inertia Wave

Submitted below are the results from your metabolic testing with the INERTIA WAVET tool in the SCSU Human Performance Laboratory on 30 January 2018.

Exercise time was 2.0 minutes. Passive (standing) recovery was 5.0 minutes. Expired gases were collected for each duration using indirect calorimetry.

A MET (metabolic equivalent) is a unit of exercise intensity, and also a multiple of resting
metabolism. 1 MET equals' metabolism at rest.

In only 2.0 min, you were working at 10 METs, which means you were working at a rate 10 times greater than that of resting.

Oxygen consumption (VO2)
In only 2.0 min, your oxygen consumption was 36 mL/kg/min. This was close to your maximum oxygen consumption (again, achieved in only 2.0 min).

Respiratory exchange ratio (RER)
RER is a measure of fuel contribution (carbohydrate vs. fat) during activity. Values approaching

1.0 indicate more carbohydrate utilization, and the value is also an indicator of exercise intensity.

At 90 seconds, your RER value was 1.02, indicating the intensity of the exercise.

Kilocalorie expenditure
In only 3.0 min, you expended 46.27 kcal. This equates to an expenditure of 925.50 kcal/hr.

Heart Rate
In only 2.0 min, a heart rate of 176 beats per min was achieved, which is likely the maximum
heart rate.

Recovery & EPOC
During 5 minutes of passive (standing) recovery, oxygen consumption remained elevated above
resting, and energy expenditure was still double that of resting (2.l METs) at the end of 5 minutes.

Dr. William Lund Director, Human Performance Laboratory,

Southern Connecticut State University,