The Inertia Wave Was Invented For Everyone
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The Inertia Wave Was Invented For Everyone

by Dave Parise on Apr 21, 2022

I was seeking a way to enhance HPI human performance improvement so I conducted my own field of study along with metabolic laboratories related to the process of improving methodologies pertaining to wave patterns that created kinetic energy. We know in human performance the difference between the beginning point (current performance level) and the end point (desired performance level) is the performance gap. I took a product like battle ropes and stripped it of its visual appeal. I wanted to know its quality factor, the who, and the why.

I asked myself "What are the pros? What are the cons?" On the surface here’s what I realized:


As humans we need to move more and we rely on precise timing of movements. The activities that involve smooth and continuous rhythmic movements are far more cognitive related and both improve speed and timing. My goal with inventing the Inertia Wave is to show its benefits and our ability to customize an experience on a personal level. It's the greatest travel companion!


  • It performs smooth, rhythmic, and coordinated movements.
  • It benefits your entire body as it strengthens your core.
  • It's portable, lightweight, and easy to store weighing less than 2.7 pounds.
  • With over 30 ways to anchor, you can anchor it and work out anywhere.
  • Its caloric burn is far greater than battle ropes.
  • It's 100% safe when properly practicing the methods of use.
  • It does not fray, unwind, or tear.
  • Its increases cognitive connections, timing, and hand-eye coordination.
  • It will have you perform movement based timing transitions and rhythmic actions in all planes of motion.
  • It superchargers the cardiovascular pulmonary system.
  • It increase stamina and the user becomes less winded during extreme bouts or demands and real life situations.
  • It has the ability to stabilize posterior chain as it strengthens rotator cuff stability.
  • Coaches and athletes require dynamic rotational move (or "anti-rotation"). It engages and strengthens the muscles rotating on a sling outside the waist.

That being said, the Inertia Wave has a multi-plane resistance profile and increases kinetic energy by the continuous wave patterns pulsing energy into the tubes. The kinetic energy increases as the user increases his or her intensity. Moreover, both ends of the tubes are capturing, building, and sending energy into both sides of the tubes absorbed by the user. This combination gives participants the ultimate resistance equation.

I believe the Inertia Wave is the perfect tool for any activity. Anyone motivated by a goal can use it. I believe the Inertia Wave can focus on athletic movement pattern specific to the core methods of use. The Inertia Wave bridges the gap between the equipment and the user with or without a trainer. It's a complete kit of strength and endurance training all in a mesh portable light weight bag.