Top 10 Smart Workout Equipment. Best Home Gyms 2022
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Top 10 Smart Workout Equipment. Best Home Gyms 2022

by Dave Parise on Jan 18, 2022


Inertia Wave SOLO

Meet the next step in the evolution of the battle rope. Inertia Wave SOLO… Instead of just challenging you with weight (as battle ropes do), Inertia Wave uses constant oscillation, of an ALIVE wave pushing your core muscles, as you fight against the Inertia, to continually adjust to different demands. Your lungs (and abs) will feel this within 40 seconds! 

 The perfect home gym and portable conditioning tool hold your attention long-term because it offers a variety of training options, letting you crush a cardio session one day, build strength the next. And now is the best time to create that space. Covid lockdowns sparked home-fitness innovation in a host of forms, as companies upgraded everything from the connected fitness experience to the new design of a supercharged better  battle rope called the Inertia Wave SOLO

The Inertia Wave is a portable, lightweight, cardio, and core smoker! Slowley’s home gyms include all you need to train, making it just the product for you to work toward a late- 2022 Spartan Race. So were showcasing our top picks for the best home, and travel training gear of 2022 along the way. Congratulations Inertia Wave Products. 


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