The Inertia Wave Who Invented it?
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The Inertia Wave Who Invented it?

by Dave Parise on May 14, 2021

I am Dave Parise Inventor of the patented Inertia Wave®️ & Inertia Wave DUO ®️ (Our 2- partner Group version) & the Inertia Wave ®️STRONG (Full Body Strength, Core, & Cardio) Kit

Before we get into the many different applications for the Inertia Wave ®️ products, I would like to share the reasons for inventing.

I was seeking a way to enhance HPI human performance improvement.

Conducted my own field of study, along with metabolic laboratories related to the process of improving methodologies pertaining to oscillate wave patterns that created Kinetic energy.
We know in Human performance or conditioning the difference between the beginning point (current performance) level… and the end point… (Desired performance level) … there is a performance gap.

I took a product like battle ropes and stripped it of its visual appeal. Wanted to know its quality factor, the what, and the why.
I asked what are the pros?
What are the cons? here’s what I realized.

 Being that said…. The INERTIA WAVE ®️increases kinetic energy— by the continuous wave patterns pulsing energy into the tubes. That kinetic energy increases as the user increases his or her intensity. The fact is…The Inertia Wave®️ is ALIVE! “The energy goes back into the body”

It has a multi plane resistance profile because of the unlimited oscillating wave patterns. This combination gives participants, athletes the ultimate resistance equation, and super charges your cardiovascular system.

The INERTIA WAVE ®️ has smooth rhythmic and coordinated movements,
benefits your entire body as it strengthens your core. Less than 2.7 pounds, it’s portable lightweight, and easy to store.
With over 30 ways to anchor, you can work out and take it anywhere.
Core engagement far greater than battle ropes, 100% safe when used as seen in our tutorial videos

My goal with inventing the Inertia Wave products is to show the benefits of the INERTIA WAVE®️ system as our ability to customize an experience on a personal level. You soon will realize it’s the greatest travel companion!
The Inertia Wave ®️ bridges the gap between the equipment, and the user with or without a trainer. A complete kit of core strength and endurance training that fits in a mesh portable light weight bag.

As humans we need to move more, and we rely on precise timing of movements. The Inertia Wave ®️involves smooth, and continuous rhythmic movements, more cognitive related, and both improve speed, balance, strength and timing.

So, the resultant is you get to increase stamina, and you become less winded during extreme bouts or demands, during real life situations.
Another benefit is its ability to stabilize the entire posterior chain, as it strengthens rotator cuff stability.
Cognitive connections are overwhelming, timing, hand eye coordination are at optimal levels!

I believe the INERTIA WAVE®️ ®️training products are the perfect tool or a solution for any human activity.
Anyone motivated by a goal can use the INERTIA WAVE ®️system.
I believe the INERTIA WAVE ®️products focus on, maximum results in a very short window of time…total integration of every muscle! on every plane of motion, with Optimal core engagement.

Dave Parise MES CPT FPTA