Inertia Wave Inertia Wave
New! Inertia Wave® STRONG

A portable HIIT metabolic conditioning and resistance tool designed to build muscle, train your core, burn fat, and engage your entire body.

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Anchored Inertia Wave® SOLO

Train by yourself with our original anchored single-person HIIT training tool.

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Non-Anchored Inertia Wave® DUO

Train with a partner with a non-anchored two-person variant of the Inertia Wave used in groups settings.

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A safer more effective Battle Ropes alternative

The Inertia Wave is far superior to the battle ropes blowing them away in core engagement, energy systems, caloric expenditure, and cognitive skills. With the Inertia Wave you get to have an amazing workout in minimum time as you enhance athletic performance. Specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, firefighters, military, law enforcement, and others who regularly engage in extremely demanding physical activities.

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Optimize your daily fitness routine.

The Inertia Wave will give you one of the most optimal High Intensity Interval Training workouts today. More metabolic conditioning and cardio caloric burn than double under jump rope.

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Lose more fat and maintain muscle.

Using the Inertia Wave as part of your HIIT program with active recovery exercises preserve muscle mass while still ridding the body of excess fat.

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Surpass your fitness goals.

Using the Inertia Wave for just minutes a day will help you surpass your fitness goals and boost your health quickly and efficiently.

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Increased post-oxygen consumption.

Kick your body’s repair cycle into hyper-drive and continue to metabolically burn fat in the 24-hours after your workout!

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Easy setup. Work out anywhere!

Get an intense metabolic workout with virtually no setup – even if you don’t have access to a gym. No additional equipment needed.

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Extremely lightweight and durable.

Our portable patented design weighs less than 3 pounds and can withstand over 600 pounds of torque. Bring it with you anywhere, anytime – wherever you go!

See why Inertia Wave has sold over 97,907 units worldwide!

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Inertia Wave

  • Smooth, rhythmic, and coordinated movements
  • Benefits your entire body and strengthens your core
  • Increased timing, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function
  • Proven to burn far more calories than battle ropes and jump ropes
  • Less than 3 pounds, it's lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • With endless ways to anchor, you can take it and work out anywhere!
  • Does not fray, unwind or tear
  • 100% safe when properly practicing the Methods of Use
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Battle Ropes

  • Extreme movements cause tension and pain on wrists and shoulder joints
  • Pulls shoulders forward and rounds your back promoting poor posture.
  • Not a great way to enhance cognitive or athletic abilities
  • Proven to burn far less calories
  • Heavy, bulky and expensive ropes clutter your workout space
  • Fixed attachments force all energy into floor
  • Frays and unwinds as plastic-dipped ends chip and fall off
  • A huge liability to your gym or club
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From the average gym-goer to A-list professional athletes.