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How long are the Inertia Waves? Are the Inertia Wave products the same length & strength regardless of color? How Long Will They Last?

They are 9 feet long, with a 14 inch Rail anchor (See anchor video) You need 13 feet back, 3- feet to the left & right to perform all 18 menthods / wave patterns. All of the Inertia Waves SOLO, DUO & STRONG are the same strength regardless of color. Their color variants are strictly cosmetic.

Note: If you clean the tubes, especially the "END CAPS" that fit in your hand with DAWN dishwashing liquid, and warm water...they will last 12 months longer than not. Specific to the climate, or environment (See Insert with Product) the Average Lifespan is 2 Years. Color fade is the only concern.

What is the Inertia Wave made from? & Are Inertia Wave products latex-free?

All The Inertia Wave ®️ Products exceeds the physical properties of basic commercial rubber products. We customized a special blend of natural tubing, 70% & 30% of a special density powder that maintains  flexibility, resiliency, decreases its ability to become brittle, and increases its tensile strength 13%!!  15 Dip process, Ozone protection -20o to 120o, Double hypoallergenic overlay on hand end cap, Military Grade, double reenforced webbing blend for 1200lbs torque. Solid steel USA O- Ring, & caribiner. 

 We exceed the recommended dipping process “five times” than the fitness industry standards. 

Physical Properties:

The rubber tubing used to create the Inertia Wave products contains a small amount of latex.

Tensile Strength (psi) Exceeds federal specifications with gives it a totally different resistance profile then typical exercise / fitness tubing. “Ultimate Oscillation & feedback response. 


-Specific Gravity reactiveness 

-UV Resistance under 90 degrees

Our manufacturing plant in the USA & Mexico supports the world-wide goal to eliminate the use of ozone depleting chemicals. 

Manufacture Assistant 20-year engineer MIT, 

If I slam or slap the Inertia Wave on the ground, will it get damaged?

Because the Inertia Wave not a battle rope, the most beneficial methods you could perform never hit the ground. Have you watched the Beginner Methods of Use video? There is a series of methods or movement patterns the Inertia Wave goes through, the most beneficial methods go on the transverse plane such as the CrossFire and Super Typhoon. The Inertia Wave method is also done in a thumbs up position which can be found in the ADVANCED METHODS, found in video Library. Remember when you hit the ground it's intermittent energy leaks. - you're shutting off and losing energy. That being said, if you want to hit the ground in using methods like the Thunder Slap and Hero Wave, it's fine to do so on a hard FLAT surface… The Inertia Wave has been tested consistently on beach surfaces, concrete, asphalt, AstroTurf, hard wood, and surfaces alike. If it's a smooth surface it will be fine. Be warned - if you hit a stone or sharp surface you may put a small crack or tear into the tube. As specified, always check for small nicks and cracks and never leave it outside in the sun or inclement weather.

How do I use the Inertia Wave?

Most Important: MUST be anchored 24-36 inches apart, using the entire black rail straps. Must be 40 inches from ground NO LOWER.

Watch all beginner, & Advanced, Videos.

Think of the Inertia Wave products as a jump rope that engages your entire body. It’s part of a circuit, an intense cardiovascular bout which has extreme demands over a 30 to possibly 60 second window. Ask yourself "if I went all out how long can I jump rope without getting winded?" You would use the Inertia Wave in the same way.

Each Inertia Wave product has a set of exercises called the "Methods of Use" designed by the inventor himself to give you the most optimal workouts. Watch and perform these methods and each time see if you can endure them longer and longer as you increase your stamina, and cardiovascular endurance.

The Inertia Wave can be used for many things. You can use it as a warm-up before your workout, as its own high intensity interval training, or as a cool down after your workout. It all depends on the intensity and your perceived rate of exertion. You can use it between body weight exercises as what's called "active rest". Instead of doing boring cardio machines, do 12 minutes of your favorite IW methods.

Feel free to get creative! Once you've mastered the methods of use, add some lower body movement patterns like step-back lunges, pop squats, fast feet, side shuffles, etc. Work it into your own routine in a way that works for you. The possibilities are endless.

Here are the Verbal & Tactile Cues for Coaches, and Trainers 

All Below : If you don’t hear an incredible wind sound, you know you need to walk back more, put more tension, put your feet closer together, follow below... 

1- Decide  whether you’re going to use the pronated grip (Seen in Beginners Video) with your fist under your rib cage, elbows back, sternum, high, looking over the Horizon. ….

OR…. The advanced methods, which I recommend. The ADVANCED VIDEO is a thumbs up position, fist on the side of your cheeks, elbows in 90° of flexion, never changes… Pump the tubes up and down with the elbow joint keeping that 90° of flexion in the elbow … Elbows are basically pointed towards the ground out in front of you. GET the tubes to rise & fall from the center. Keep the rhythm, don’t muscle it, or it will look sloppy. 

BEGINNER Hold end caps securely

Hold end caps and walk back, with elbows back, until it feels like its “slightly pulling you forward”

Keep all your weight towards “heel box” (mid foot to back of ankle)

ADVANCED - Grab the end caps in the THUMBS UP position, FIST on the sides of your cheeks. 

Try not to stand with feet wider than 12 inches apart

Stay loose and don’t muscle it, or it will be floppy, and won’t oscillate properly

 If you don’t hear an intense wind sound you know you’re not walking back far enough,  or putting enough tension or intensity into the movement. …You  must hear a wind sound! Every method! (18 in all) 

  • Always anchor the INERTIA WAVE 24-36 inches apart, 40 inches off ground. 
  • Never stand with feet wider than 12 inches! 
  • Stand tall, look over the horizon, have a slight bend in ankles, knees, and hips
  • Have a slight bend in your ankles, knees, hips and look over the horizon at all times… Never look down
  • Try not to look down
  • Shake the water off your hands (Our favorite)
  • Keep cervical posture neutral at all times- always look over the horizon. 
  • Try not to muscle it, the tubes will start to lose energy and slow down
  • (NEVER) extend your arms out in front of you. 

Is the Inertia Wave safe for kids to use?

Yes, for kids (or even adult beginners) you can start by performing the same methods, but using only one tube. Work your way up to both tubes at your own pace.

Is the Inertia Wave safe for older adults to use?

Absolutly! for older adults, you can start by performing the same methods, but using only one tube. Work your way up to both tubes at your own pace.

Is the Inertia Wave accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, We have many adaptive programs currently. Outstanding for CNS, and creating propioceptive, cognative skill sets.

I feel uncoordinated - the tubes are all over the place. What am I doing wrong?

The truth is practice, practice, practice! Not everyone has an athletic inclination to be flawless their first or second try. Here are some tips that may help...

1. Check to see if you anchored the rail strap properly 24-36 inches apart, 40 inches off ground.

2. Be sure to put enough tension on the tubes. Hold end caps and walk back, with elbows back, until if feels like it's pulling you forward.

3. Pull the tubes in close to your body.

4. Don't have your arms extended outward.

5 Keep your feet 12 inches apart with knees bent keeping all your weight towards the back of your heels.

6. Stay loose and don’t muscle it

7. Keep your head up and "look over the horizon" - try not to look down

8. Shake the water off your hands, Try not to muscle it.

9. Hey! how about starting with one tube!

Anchoring STRONG & SOLO Models

Do I always need to use the Rail Anchors? Can I just clip carabiner?

If you clip caribiner to any object you will lose over 35% of the feed back, impedence match response. Please never omit rail strap. Never clip carabiner to any object. Micro trama it will break. It will also increase force loads to the end caps of the STRONG MODEL;. Use at your own risk when modifying the Inertia Wave.

I have limited space; do I need to use the Rail Anchors?

Yes! If you omit the Rail Anchors to make up for space, you will lose energy in the tubes and weaken the O-ring. If you hook the carabiner directly to your anchor location it will tear on the O-ring, and will increase torque stress throughout the entire tube. The product will break, will not last. Your Inertia Wave will perform at 100% and last twice as long with the Rail Anchor, carabiner, and O-ring. Note: It will perform optimally... The carabiner always sits in between the D-ring of the Rail Anchor, and the O-ring of the Inertia Wave.

Why does one end of the Inertia Wave SOLO, & STRONG have an O-ring, carabiner, and nylon strap?

These features are part of the Rail Anchor and are used securely anchor the Inertia Wave. The combination of these components help to alleviate the stress, wear, and torque on the anchored end of the Inertia Wave by creating a "stress curve". For best results and a longer lasting Inertia Wave, you MUST keep the Rail Anchors as extended as possible - do not wrap the Rail Anchors around objects repeatedly to shorten its length. The longer the strap, the less strain on the O-ring and tubes.

How far off the ground, and how far apart do the Rail Anchors need to be attached / anchored?

As shown in the "Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave" video, the anchor points should be a minimum of 36-40 inches from ground at waist height, and between 24-36 inches apart. Please remember to always use your Rail Anchors. However for wall applications we have seen amazing feedback 16 inches apart.

What is the proper way to anchor the Inertia Wave using Rail Anchors?

The proper way to anchor using the Rail Anchors is to keep it flat, wrap it tightly around 24 to 36 inches apart. Now feed the D-ring through the opening loop of the nylon strap and pull it tightly three times. Make this connection as snug as you can to the point where the strap cannot slide up or down as you utilize the Inertia Wave. Attach the carabiner to the D-ring of the Rail Anchor, and the O-ring of the tube. Make sure the carabiner is completely closed before use. Do NOT attach the Rail Anchors to any sharp or jagged objects. Be sure to use as much of the Rail Anchors as possible - do not shorten or modify (see above).

Can I use the door anchors anywhere but a basic door with hinges?

No, the Door Anchors are designed to handle stress being as locked into place as possible. If you use the Door Anchors on doors that do not have hinges, you may destroy the Door Anchor or damage your door.


How much space do I need to train with the Inertia Wave SOLO & STRONG Models.

From the anchor point to your hands, you will need at least 12.5 feet in length.

For some of the most optimal methods of use, you will need at least 3 feet in width to your left, and 3 feet in width to your right.

For some of the methods of use, you will need at least a 7-8 feet ceiling height. (That would make you super-human)

How much space do I need between each Inertia Wave SOLO “sets” if I anchor side to side on wall?

A clearing of 4 feet from left or right- then put your 1st anchor- 2nd anchor 24-36 inches apart YOUR CHOICE. Then SKIP 4 feet - drill or screw in the next anchor…repeat this sequence.

How far can I safely stretch the Inertia Wave?

We recommend, for your safety, never pulling or stretching any of the 3- Inertia Wave models longer than 40 inches. It’s not a bungee and it may lose its integrity if you use it like a resistance tube. ONLY the IW-STRONG model can be used that way.

Inertia Wave DUO

Can I anchor the Inertia Wave DUO?

No. The Inertia Wave Duo was designed with a built-in "wrist safety strap" at each end of the tubes. If you try to tie the safety strap and use it as an anchor, the safety straps may rip out. The safety straps are strong enough to stop the end cap from flying towards your partner, however, cannot withstand 300-600 lbs. of oscillating torque which it produces. PLEASE do NOT attempt to anchor your Inertia Wave Duo.

How much space do I need to train with the Inertia Wave DUO?

From your partner's hands to your own, you will need at least 11.5 feet in length. To perform the Hurrican Walk method, you will need more space to walk forward and back.

For some of the methods of use, you will need at least 4 feet in width to your left, and 4 feet in width to your right.

For some of the methods of use, you will need at least 7 feet in height from the ground.

Can we use the Inertia Wave DUO for other exercises other than the Methods shown in the educational videos?

Although we urge you to get creative with your Inertia Wave products by coming up with unique custom methods, you should never use them as a resistance tube or bungee. It will loose its integrity and can possibly cause you harm. Only the Inertia Wave STRONG can be used as a resistance tube.

Why can’t we use the Inertia Wave SOLO as the Inertia Wave DUO?

The original Inertia Wave has a solid steel O-Ring built into it. If a user were to let go, it can become very dangerous. The Inertia Wave Duo has safety straps instead. The Inertia Wave Duo has been tested and quality controlled and approved safety straps.

Do I have to wear the safety straps?

It is the user's responsibility and the user's negligence for the causation of any injury. User must be aware of sweaty hands, surroundings, and anything that may harm spectators or yourself. It is mandatory on the Inertia Wave DUO that you wear safety straps at all times.

Can I cut off the safety straps?

You will void all terms, and be held accountable for any injuries.

How far can I safely stretch the Inertia Wave® DUO?

We recommend, for your safety, never pulling or stretching the Inertia Wave® DUO longer than 26 inches. It’s not a bungee and it may lose its integrity if you use it like a resistance tube.

Inertia Wave STRONG Model

What is the difference between the Inertia Wave® SOLO and the Inertia Wave® STRONG?

The difference is the STRONG has a "LOOP" running through and around the end cap. (End Cap that fits in palm of hand) this loop provides attachable hand grips, and two black straps, for a complete upper, and lower body strength training program. The STRONG is 5 Inches shorter, and has a coefficency rating that allows to be stretched up to 60 inches.

Can the Inertia Wave® STRONG perform all of the same methods of use as the SOLO?

Yes, every method of use you see under the Inertia Wave® SOLO beginner, and advanced an be performed in the same without the hand grips attached.

Can I perform the methods of use with the hand grips attached?

No, the Inertia Wave® STRONG has a LOOP on each tube which you attach the hand grips to. This LOOP does not allow the proper wave oscillations, wave lengths, and feedback response when the hand grips, or belts are attached. If you perform the methods of use using the hand grips, you will damage the strength of the loop, or have it pulled out completely.

NOTE: Also lose any feedback response.

Can I attach the black leg and knee straps to my upper body?

Yes, get creative! If you create another exercise that works for you, we love that! Don't forget to share it on our Facebook (/InertiaWaveOfficial) and Instagram (@inertiawave) pages!

How far can I safely stretch the Inertia Wave® STRONG?

The Inertia Wave® STRONG has a different resistance profile than the SOLO and DUO because of the complexity of its structure. For strength exercises and core work while using the hand grips or padded belts, you are able to safely stretch the tubes up to 60 inches. Just perfom your stength exercises, however you can attach Belt around waist, run out 3 feet and run in place, or back, and forth.


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Product Care

How do I clean my Inertia Wave tubes?

All Inertia Wave models should be cleaned using DAWN dish soap mixed with warm water. No sprays, cleaners, windex, hand insert.

How long should the Interia Wave tubes last?

The lifespan of Inertia Wave and Inertia Wave Duo depend upon the amount of use and proper care. All Inertia Wave products (products that contain the Inertia Wave tubing) are warrantied for 90 days. We recommend inspecting the entire length of the Inertia Wave tubes after every use and replacing them annually to ensure the best possible performance.

Can I use hand sanitizer on the Inertia Wave tubes?

Yes, you can use hand sanitizer on the tubes and hand grips of your Inertia Wave, however, the alcohol in the sanitizer can degrade, discolor, and can discolor or break down the polymer and may lessen the tensile strength or resiliency. To prevent this, be sure to wash off the sanitizer after each application.

How can I make my Inertia Wave tubes last the longest?

EASY! Keep your Inertia Wave away from hand sanitizer, alcohol, salt water, chlorine, and direct sunlight over 85 degrees. (just sitting there for hours) These element will discolor or break down the polymer and may lessen the tensile strength or resiliency. Wash with warm water and soap after use.



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