The Inertia Wave DUO 2-Person Group Training Tool
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The Inertia Wave DUO 2-Person Group Training Tool

by Dave Parise on Mar 28, 2024

The Inertia Wave Duo is the third product I own from Inertia Wave.

I’ve reviewed the Inertia Wave Solo and the Inertia Wave Strong in previous posts.

And they both give me a kick ass HIIT and resistance workout.

Both those products work individually.

But like the name states, the Duo involves you and at least one more person so there’s a fun factor here.

Let’s dig in!



Inside the bag, there’s two Inertia Wave Duo tubes.

One important thing to know about the Duo is that it can’t be anchored down to anything.

It’s only meant to be used between two people.

 Each tube has a built-in safety strap that secures around the users’ hands.



  • Length: 9 feet
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

To give you an idea of how well the Inertia Wave Duo stores, I put a 25 lbs weight plate next to it.


I throw mine in a travel bag and hang it from the wall so it takes up very little space.

Safety Straps

 Because the Duo works with two people, they have built-in safety straps so there’s no room for human error.

 The safety straps look like they’re made out of paracord and come out from the end of the tubes.

Then there’s a cord lock and a rubber sleeve at the end of the straps.

Setting Up The Inertia Wave Duo

 Insert your hands into the loops with the rubber sleeve on the thumb side.

The sleeve protects my wrist from strap burn. Now press the cord lock to unlock it and slide it up towards your wrist.


 When it’s about an inch away from your wrist, release the button to lock it.

This prevents the tubes from whipping back towards your partner in case you lose your grip.

 Then place the end cap of the Inertia Wave in the middle of your palm and close your fist.


Now it’s time to try out all the exercises you can do with the Duo.

Inertia Wave Duo Exercises

Inertia Wave Dave developed 15 different exercises (methods) to use with the IW Duo.


Watch the video above so you can see all the movements.

If you really want to have some fun, grab a group of friends and braid several Duos.

Inertia Wave Duo vs Other Inertia Waves

Inertia Wave Solo

The Inertia Wave Solo is the original Inertia Wave and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out.

I find it more challenging than using a battle rope because I get constant tension.

With a battle rope it’s only hard when I’m first lifting the rope.

The Inertia Wave forces my body to work straight from the set up since the bands start pulling me before I even start.

Inertia Wave STRONG

The Inertia Wave STRONG provides the same HIIT workout as the Solo but it can also be used as resistance bands.

It comes with handles, Belts, Travel Bag, and other attachments.

Every time I use the Strong I am gassed.

I go from high intensity exercises to resistance training for a whole body workout.

Pros & Cons


  • Workout with partners: Built for team or group based workouts
  • No anchoring system needed: You and a partner hold the opposite end of the tubes
  • No fraying: Tubes won’t fray or tear like a battle rope
  • Space saving: Folds into the small travel bag when not in use.
  • Safe: Built-in safety straps prevent accidental slip ups from the user’s hands


  • Need another person: You can’t use it alone but that’s the whole point of the Duo