Inertia Wave Published Study Science Publications
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Inertia Wave Published Study Science Publications

by Dave Parise on Jun 08, 2022

The Science Behind the Inertia Wave®   IW= Inertia Wave®

Let’s start by defining the Aerodynamic design of the Inertia Wave ®

The IW has two clean congruent elastomers. These Elastomeric properties are of enhance properties consisting of 58% natural gum rubber.  The IW’s natural enhanced latex composite (Patented blend) is a special combination of proteins and extracted water. These two Elastomers exceed the recommended continuous dip process by 10 times. This creates a superior protective coating, not only for the Ozone, but it enhances the physical properties of the elastomers. We do not use any dry, or synthetic materials. In addition, we extracted 50 mcg less water-extractable protein per gram. This is important since proteins in some natural rubber can cause severe allergic reactions in those individuals who are allergic to the types of protein found in natural rubber. This is known as latex allergy. No other elastomer other than the INERTIA WAVE ®️ can claim to have lower protein levels.

The IW has a double layer cover with, and ergonomic insert defined as “The Grip” at one end, and a solid steel O-Ring at the opposing end. The IW comes with a steel carabiner that sits between the O-ring of the Inertia Wave and the D-ring of the Rail Strap. The Rail Strap is how the Inertia Wave ® is anchored. Our Rail Strap is the strongest webbing available. The IW  Rail Strap has double reinforced stitching, as it contains a special blend of nylon,  has a tensile strength of 600 to 5,500 lbs. per inch.

Q: What’s it Function?

A: Wavelengths of kinetic energy

The Functional principles of the Inertia Wave Products is based on K.E. Kinetic Energy. The objective is to disrupt equilibrium. Equilibrium in physics based on the Inertia Wave ® is a stable state with no change, like a perfectly flat pond with no indication of waves. An object at rest will stay at rest.

Once the disruption or work occurs by you the user (Wave pattern begins) kinetic energy builds up and has been transferred and stored in the Inertia Wave® Moreover, while you’re creating the wave pattern ie: (Crossfire Method) the tubes are moving with a new constant speed. Based on the impedance match of the design the energy is now transferred to the recipient’s body this is known as the dynamic feedback response and or kinetic energy. The volume of energy depends on the mass and speed achieved by the user.  The more your put into the constant wave pattern, the greater the feedback response, and integrated benefits. Inertia Wave® Kinetic energy is a form of energy that occurs from its motion. During the wave pattern energy transfers energy, is integrated by applying a net force, the Inertia Wave® speeds up and thereby gains kinetic energy.

Let’s explain the byproduct of the Inertia Wave ® K.E with the help of an example.  

Imagine you have the Inertia Wave end caps in your hand.  

First, when you start to oscillate the Inertia Wave ® (Shake the water of your hands, creating a rise and fall (crest and trough) the tubes have more potential energy since it has the potential to go higher, lower, and faster.

Second, when you’re controlling the tubes, rhythmically, (hearing the wind sound) the stored potential energy is converted to kinetic energy as the tubes create the pattern of user’s choice. (It’s the method of choice becoming a constant fast moving wavelength pattern that has the buildup of kinetic energy.)

As the Inertia Wave has demonstrated, energy is neither destroyed nor lost during the whole wave process – it’s only altered from one form to another, potential to kinetic. It’s a never-ending cycle.  

Life and sport are both inherently unstable. There is never really a situation in real life or sport in which we find ourselves in a perfectly balanced position for applications of strength. Instability (aka chaos or oscillating kinetic energy training with the Inertia Wave ®) offers a method for handling and adapting to those situations with improved overall strength and performance.

The patented elastomeric tubes of the Inertia Wave ®️ are fed energy by the user. The tubes then resist the user’s efforts by feeding that same kinetic energy right back at the user via oscillating waves. The user controls the movement and absorbs the energy using eccentric & concentric muscle contractions. The result is unconscious and constant micro adjustments both muscular and neuromuscular in nature that are required to keep the tubes moving. The strength, stability and coordination required to train not only the body, but also the brain making it a helpful addition to any core, strength, and conditioning program. It is much harder than it looks! 

The Inertia Wave ® products invented by Dave Parise demonstrate the importance of movement oscillations for fitness, rehabilitation, athletic performance, caloric expenditure, and prevention of injury.  Variability in movement patterns is now seen as a functional and indeed an important part of the adaptability of coordination and movement efficiency required in producing optimal outcomes in super dynamic performance. For physiotherapists, coaches, physical therapists, strength coaches, Personal Trainers, seniors, military, kids, or general fitness… the importance of including variability in exercise techniques and programing has becoming more and more apparent.

Wavelength oscillations with the Inertia Wave® can be described as the normal variations that occur in motor performance across multiple wavelength oscillations.  That is, when a person repeats a wave pattern, no two wave patterns will be identical. Rather, each wave pattern will involve unique non-neural and motor patterns.  While there are obvious advantages to asking to repeat movements, it could also be argued that encouraging people to focus on trying to produce the same movement patterns may simply encourage inflexible motor behaviors that subsequently limit the ability to adapt to different tasks or changing environmental demands. Hence one of the major reasons I invented the Inertia Wave ® Our bodies worst nightmare is adaptation to a specific path, or range of motion. There is no way to adapt to the Inertia Wave ®it’s a consistent challenge. If you continue movement patterns repeatedly, body will become much more efficient to a training plateau no longer experience any changes. This is one of the reasons why people have told you to change up your workout. Our bodies thrive on a wide variety of physical tasks, the concept of movement oscillations are the foundation of the oscillating waves coming from the Inertia Wave ®

Wavelength oscillations with the Inertia Wave® is the concept of performing a variety of different wavelengths, methods or patterns or exercises to prepare muscles and elastic connective tissue to generate force in almost any situation. Lifting with heavy weights can help add size or increase strength, however if you incorporate the wave patterns, you will understand how it brings your workout to the next level of performance.

Wavelength oscillations with the Inertia Wave® challenge the body to move in a variety of directions to improve overall levels of strength, core, and endurance. Understanding how movement oscillations exercises engage a large amount of fascia and connective tissue can help you increase your overall strength and ability to generate force in several different directions. Hence the reason why we have so many methods moving through different paths of oscillating wavelengths.

Wavelength oscillations with the Inertia Wave® will help you strengthen more tissue and improve coordination. Most traditional resistance training exercises incorporate the use of machines or free weights like barbells and dumbbells. The Inertia Wave® will increase your level to advance with these types of exercises.

Wavelength oscillations with the Inertia Wave®, what we call “Methods of Use” will  help ensure that you receive the optimal results from your workouts. Traditional equipment like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and machines can be extremely effective, but after a while your body will adapt and will require a new type of stimulus. Using the Inertia Wave as a foundation for your strength training workouts can help you add more variability to your program which can increase in your mobility, balance, and coordination as well as your overall levels of muscular strength. The specific methods of use found in our video library at will enhanced your entire system.

 As you can see from the examples above, adding movement oscillations to your exercise programs can provide a variety of benefits that are hard to match using traditional strength training equipment. The benefit of using the Inertia Wave® is that you can get a tremendous workout in a very short window of time. The variety is endless, the results are inevitable.


Top 10 reasons the Inertia Wave is a Cool Tool


Dave Parise's "Inertia Wave" is another exercise device to hack the mechanical impedance of our bodies. If you are an impedance geek, it may be the best exercise device ever invented. Our hands are the junction point for a classical impedance network. Oscillations pump energy into these special tubes, and you work against that energy to get your workout. That allows for an extremely lightweight/portable exercise device that has the capacity for a gargantuan workout. The tubes provide constant feedback on the rhythm and forces you're able to apply.

Composed by Phil Earnhardt. Phil studied Electrical Engineering at MIT. For the last 20 years, he has studied Bio-tensegrity from an engineering perspective and worked with manual and movement professionals.

  Hand strength is important. While we cannot change the sizeof our hands, we can improve our hand strength.  When moving with the Inertia Wave®, we tensionally engage our hands with oscillating movement in all directions. The Inertia Wave® increases our hand strength and relieves the chronically held hand tensions of desktop warriors.


Inertia Wave ® provides a highly intense workout in a 3-pound package. The resistance of the workout is generated by the user: the exerciser is working against the inertia of the waves that they are creating. In a classical mechanical impedance model, this energy is called “reactance”. The wave-nature of Inertia Wave exercises makes for a very material-efficient and cost-efficient workout.

While IW workouts have similar motions to Battle Rope workouts, the Inertia Wave feels much more alive. You are pulsing energy into the elasticity of these patented tubes, and the tubes are pulsing energy back at you. In terms of that stored-energy impedance model, the IW has a “Q Factor” (or Quality Factor) of around 5. The Quality Factor of Battle Ropes is far less than 1. This doesn’t mean that Battle Ropes are a “bad” workout, but it does mean that Inertia Workouts are far more interesting.


You must control the movement — absorb the energy — of Inertia Wave oscillations with eccentric contractions. Besides adding to the aerobic load, these motion-controlling movements help relax the body.

 The Inertia Wave is safe and easy to deploy most anywhere. The high-grade nylon anchor straps work well for all situations, and specialized anchors are available at Amazon and other sporting goods supply vendors. It’s easy to travel with the Inertia Wave. If you’re going on a week-log trip, consider bagging the Inertia Wave, and packing in your luggage.

 Inertia Wave exercise are both a muscular and neurological workout. I particularly like jumps during the “oxygen thief” exercises because our CNS has to figure out how to pulse the lines when our feet are off the ground.

 Inertia Wave exercises are extremely low impact, however, create amazing core engagement.

 Since you can pump much energy into the Inertia Wave, HIIT exercises can have arbitrary intensity. The last work segment of your Inertia Wave workout may be the longest 20 seconds of your life.

 The Inertia Wave is great for developing symmetrical strength and coordination. Your “inertia wave” will almost certainly have a higher amplitude on one side, and your “super typhoon” will have a strong and a weak side. The IW doesn’t judge, but it will give you immediate feedback on how you are moving.

 When you play with the Inertia Wave, you’ll feel awkward. You may feel silly. You’ll make mistakes. When pulsing sideways, you’ll have the lines slap against each other — killing their inertia — and you’ll have to start over again. Keep waving. You’ll surprise yourself with your progress. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself having fun.


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