Better Golf Swing, Use the Inertia Wave
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Better Golf Swing, Use the Inertia Wave

by Dave Parise on Mar 07, 2019

Benefits of the Inertia Wave for Golfer

 Benefits Of Anti-Rotation for Golfers

Strengthening the entire oblique system and core helps golfers create a more efficient transfer of force from the ground up through the body and out to the clubhead. All disproportional forces during the swing originates in and emanates out our “weak” links (everyone’s leak is different) the Inertia Wave (resistance profile) forces to block the leaks, and “weak” links as it trickles through the golfer’s entire kinetic chain. It’s like wearing an internal girdle. (i.e. anti-rotation training) allows golfers to increase the strength of the muscles that generate this rotation and deceleration in their swing.

The above dynamic methods are extremely beneficial in the golf swing where an appropriate scapula position is required to optimize the transfer and generation of force during the swing. The scapula is a key component of control in the kinetic chain (i.e., generating force from the ground upwards, through the pelvis, torso, arms and ultimately the clubhead. Many PGA Pros and coaches know this as the kinematic sequence. Remember the shoulder generates around 20% of total clubhead speed.

In the sagittal plane these Methods Super Charge your cardiovascular system as, they increase core temperature in lighting speed. Club head speed and carry distance improved dramatically after 5 minutes with these 3- Methods one after another. Moreover, an elongation of the anterior chain, and corrected posture posteriorly.

More benefits

  • Balance Training- Single leg stands while Waving
  • Reactive Training – CNS
  • Integrated Resistance
  • Speed, Agility ans Quickness Training- Moving through Methods, no rest
  • Cognitive Learning – Adaptation hand eye, Kinesthetic spatial awareness, and motor control
  • Strength, Power Endurance Flexibility, Motor control, and Function

 Why are there different patterns or 7 Methods of Use with the Inertia Wave?

All 18 Methods of Use have different resultants / affects that effect energy systems, core engagement, balance, and stability. There is an obvious strength & endurance phase that challenges all paths and planes of motion in the human body.

The Benefits of the Inertia Wave

  1. Anti-Flexion-strength-ABS
  2. Anti-Extension- strength-ABS
  3. Anti- Rotation- strength-ABS
  4. Enhanced Dynamic Posture
  5.  Acceleration / Deceleration of musculature
  6. Concentric / Eccentric patterns
  7. Strengthens Dynamic Stabilizers
  8. EPOC-Intense oxygen consumption pre- & post

As the oscillating Wave travels along the tube, it collects energy & stores energy, then transports energy on a deep local level (core) and engages all things Strength & Muscle endurance related. Here are some verbal cues for the golfer-athlete to assist proper form - literally during the engagement:

  • Hold end caps securely
  • Wear safety straps, if you special ordered
  • Mandatory to wear safety straps on Inertia Wave DUO
  • Hold end caps, walk back, with elbows back, until if feels like its “slightly pulling you forward”
  • Keep all your weight towards “heel box” (mid foot to back of ankle)
  • Drive your elbows back (fists close to rib cage) and shake the water off your hands.
  • Stand with feet no wider than 12 inches apart
  • Try not to stand with your feet more than a squat stance
  • Stay loose, and don’t muscle it, or it will be floppy, and not oscillate properly
  • Always anchor the Inertia Wave 24-36 inches apart, waist line high.
  • Do not stand tall, have a slight bend in ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Act as if you’re addressing the ball in golf
  • Try not to look down, look over the horizon
  • Shake the water off your hands (Our favorite)
  • Always Keep cervical posture neutral
  • Try not to muscle it, the tubes will start to lose energy and slow down.
  • Keep your hands as close to your ribcage- torso as possible
  • Try not to extend your arms out in front of you
  • PLEASE refer to

Please watch our videos Learn the beginner, and Advanced Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave (movements) and Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave

Remember the "Sweet Spot" is 24-36 inches apart, waistline high (from the ground)