The Inertia Wave DUO is Limitless
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The Inertia Wave DUO is Limitless

by Dave Parise on May 14, 2021

How does Inertia Wave DUO rise above the typical devices and claims?

When it comes to the world of fitness and athletics, you need specially designed training tools. Top personal trainers, coaches, and team managers are giving their clients & athletes a competitive edge by incorporating the Inertia Wave DUO training strategy into their daily routines.

Follow these simple Inertia Wave DUO workout methods, and you are guaranteed to reach your training goals. The most educated coaches and personal trainers will agree that when you introduce a movement that engages every muscle in your body. This in turn will activate core muscles (i.e. all internal muscles – as an example: muscles you don’t see in the mirror, hence the word "core"); these (local) deep muscles we call "core" are responsible to create a stroner platform, or foundation to exert force off of.  Now you can "fire a cannon out of a canoe" metaphorically speaking. You will be stronger at all things fitness, sports and health-related. The Inertia Wave Duo increases kinetic energy (energy the Inertia Wave DUO creates by the continuous wave pattern).

Athletes rely on the precise timing of bodily movements. In contrast, activities that involve smooth and continuous rhythmic movements are more cognitive related, and both improve, speed and timing (lighting speed). With the Inertia Wave DUO, you get to perform movement-based timing transitions – rhythmic actions that rely on timing - and the Inertia Wave DUO has carry-over to fluid and continuous rhythmic movements as it supercharges the Cardiovascular Pulmonary System (CVP).

What does this mean?

This means is that the users will increase stamina and become less winded during extreme bouts or demands (i.e. less fatigued). Research shows after 6-weeks, 4x per week, practicing the 15 Methods of Use, you will be less winded in a 4-minute EXTREME bout at most anything you do outside of fitness, or directly related to tactical survival, or sports related activities. (Super Human "ALL OUT-ALL IN" for 4 minutes with the Inertia Wave DUO you will be less winded).

We must activate or turn on our "inner force volume knob"

What this industry is not telling you is this: most exercises do not activate core muscles. The fact is, deep stabilizing muscles (local) that are responsible for balance and stability, are what scientist call "a sleepy mechanism".


Most exercises rely on strong outer muscles (the ones you see in a mirror), so you may be told the marketing ploy that you are activating "core"; this is not true!

Inertia Wave DUO is the original, scientifically proven device, that "turns on" all muscles (inner  and outer core) like an electrical charge, all internal forces, that are adding dynamic intrinsic engagement (calling all core muscles!).

What we are trying to say is:

 When you start to utilize the Inertia Wave DUO the external forces you and your partner are creating, are trickling through your entire muscular Skeletal System. Our team of fitness coaches, and certified trainers call it "Anatomical Combustion" (we think that’s a COOL analogy).

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, hockey player, swimmer, cyclist, runner, boxer, martial artist, fighter, or participate in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, squash, lacrosse, or rugby, the Inertia Wave DUO will definitively increase overall strength, dip into all energy systems to a supercharged level. One more important key benefit is that it will strengthens your entire body. Another benefit is its ability to activate posterior chain, as it strengthens rotator cuff stability. Coaches, and athletes require dynamic rotational moves… it engages and strengthens the muscles rotating on the sling outside the waist line (simply stated).

The Inertia Wave DUO has a resistance profile unlike any other device on the market today.  Since the Inertia Wave DUO is user friendly, the users are guiding & creating the oscillations of the tubes. Moreover, both ends of the tubes are capturing, building and sending energy (kinetic) into both sides of the tubes absorbed by the user (the energy which the Inertia Wave DUO contains because of the oscillating Wave) This "DUO" combination gives both participants or athletes the ultimate resistance equation.

Not to be confused, we want to help you understand how to use this device.

  • One side can be called the "Anchor" (AKA the "strong and stable" side).
  • The Anchor is always trying to maintain a strong position, as the "Wave Maker" is creating the oscillating wave patterns by performing the 15 Methods of Use.
  • The other side is called the "Wave Maker". This person is creating the energy displaced in the tubes, as he or she creates the oscillating waves.
  • Alternatively, BOTH users can be Wave Makers trying to stay connected and engaged with one another.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT sentence you will read:

While using the Inertia Wave DUO you have a choice to have both users be the Wave Makers (going through the basic methods) - or - you can cue at any time for the opposite end (your partner) to just hold steady and try to control the force that YOU are creating as the Wave Maker.

Some of the moves, specifically the Hurricane Walk, require both an Anchor and a Wave Maker. (See the Hurricane Walk and all other Methods of Use on our Videos Page) 

Some facts for those who like the tech talk:

The Inertia Wave DUO enhances a wide range of activities, such as: jogging, running, sprinting, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, standing, starting-stopping, climbing and lunging.  All these activities involve smooth, rhythmic motions in the three cardinal planes of movement - sagittal, frontal and transverse.

FACT: The human body requires specific resistance profiles of training to enhance the coordinated working relationship between the nervous and muscular systems. Training to improve super human (more super than you have now) functional strength involves more than simply increasing the force-producing capability of a muscle or group of muscles. (Strength training alone does not cut it!)

How can we directly enhance the performance of movements?

Simply stated, the primary goal of the Inertia Wave DUO is to transfer kinetic energy whether you’re standing, walking, lunging, turning, sitting, shuffling, or kneeling. The energy is pulsating into and stored within the tubes thus creating a full body strength profile. The byproduct of practicing the 15 Methods of Use is to enhance performance of another movement. You do this to get better at that by affecting the entire neuromuscular, as well as the musculoskeletal system.


The body is not segmented (we are not made of separate parts), we are an integrated system; think in terms of multi-plane motions, not individual muscles. The Inertia Wave DUO calls upon the entire network of muscles, which controls joint actions, muscular movements, & internal core responsibilities. 

The Inertia Wave DUO activates and coordinates the muscles of the lower legs, and upper limbs. As your oscillating the different methods, your brain will determine the appropriate set of muscles to activate. The "Wave Patterns" are an external force, thus, core musculature (Local) activates to overcome these external forces entering the body. Thus, a combination of information processing, coordination, mechanics, physics, and cognition. The Inertia Wave DUO regulates balance and stability as well.

 It’s mandatory to wear the safety straps!

  • Adjust the safety strap by slipping your hand through the Safety loop, rubber "half circle" over thumb side of wrist. (See insert card that was inside package)
  • Slide the cord lock closer to the wrist, a half-inch away from your wrist.
  • Place the end cap of Inertia Wave DUO in the palm of your hand and close your hand firmly.


 More necessary information:

  • A wave-circuit is a chosen number of methods one after another for a given number of seconds. (6-10 seconds of each move, then switch)
  • There is no set number and no set time. Its all about challenging yourself and interacting with your partner. This is about communication! (also, about perceived rate of exertion)

Let’s say you learn few of the methods (as seen in the video tutorial). In the first circuit, both partners decide to call out "Inertia Wave... Hero Wave with side shuffle... Cross Fire". Below explains what’s happening:

The interaction of verbal ques, simultaneous hand eye coordination, combined with present skill sets all come into play. To keep things rhythmic, smooth, and coordinated, with a high cognitive value, both partners must increase awareness, timing, perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning. The interaction of both partners being equal is a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of you and your partner acting together as a team or in the interests of an accomplishment. 

  • The Inertia wave DUO TM was designed with the perfect resistance profile. We believe the techniques  and methods prescribed have the most carry-over to human function and athleticism without the stress and strain of extreme velocity residence training AKA strength training.
  • Super fluid & easy on the joints, the methods place demand on the "most important muscles" in the body. We say this because they were designed by coaches, and certified qualified trainers with 20+ years of experience. The Inertia Wave DUO increases neural demand, as it provides a stress free supercharged therapeutic environment for the entire body. It’s not easy to explain (without boring you), however, the Inertia Wave DUO by moving the joints in the right environments (planes, paths, range) it creates a better platform to train for the muscles.