Train the Core, Get Faster Results!
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Train the Core, Get Faster Results!

by Dave Parise on May 16, 2021

We must activate or turn on this "inner force volume knob"

What this industry is not telling you is that most exercises DO NOT activate core muscles. The fact is, deep stabilizing muscles (Local) that are responsible for balance and stability, are what scientists call a "sleepy mechanism". 


Most exercises rely on strong outer muscles (the ones you see in a mirror) so you may be given the marketing ploy that you are activating "core"; this is not true!

The Inertia Wave is the original scientifically proven device that "turns on" all muscles (inner and outer core) like an electrical charge. All internal forces that are adding dynamic intrinsic engagement are activated by the external 7 Methods of Use.  "Calling all core muscles!" So, when you start to utilize the Inertia Wave, the external forces you (or you and your partner) are creating trickle through your entire muscular skeletal systems. (Anatomical combustion!)

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, hockey player, swimmer, cyclist, runner, boxer, martial artist, or participate in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, squash, lacrosse, or rugby, the Inertia Wave will definitively increase overall strength and dip into all energy systems to a supercharged level as it strengthens your entire body.

Another benefit is its ability to stabilize posterior chain as it strengthens rotator cuff stability. Coaches and athletes require dynamic rotational moves; it engages and strengthens the muscles rotating on the sling outside the waistline (simply stated).

The Inertia Wave has a resistance profile unlike any other device on the market today.  Since the Inertia Wave is user friendly, the users are guiding and creating the oscillation of the tubes. Moreover, both ends of the tubes are capturing, building, and sending energy (potential/kinetic) into both sides of the tubes absorbed by the user (the energy which the Inertia Wave contains because of the oscillating wave). This combination gives participants/athletes the ultimate resistance equation. 

HIIT with Inertia Wave Metabolic Conditioning

What does High-Intensity Interval Training mean? The premise is simple: combining super charged, high intensity aerobic bouts, (1-minute) with lower intensity bouts. Conclusive large clinical studies have consistently shown that HITT training helps stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to utilize fat as a substrate (fuel) compared to steady-state exercise. Moreover, you and your clients will experience tremendous resultants in less than half the time vs steady state exercise.

Elevated growth hormone and noradrenaline levels, and other hormones, help break down fat stored and increase their use as a fuel source. But wait, there's more! HIIT not only optimizes fat burning during the exercise session, it keeps you or your client’s metabolism elevated long after the 12 minutes session.  This is due to EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) or what I call the "after burn". The increased hormones are elevated along with a super-charged metabolism.  Simply put: there is a significant caloric burn or thermal effect on the body to return the body to its resting temperature state.

These processes replenish depleted energy reserves, repair cell damage, clear metabolic byproducts and enhance tissue growth. Here’s the cool factor: the net after burn effect lasts 24-36 hours after you finish the exercise, burning more than 150 calories a day later.

The Wave Factor:  When using the Inertia Wave, you need to work out intensely to maximize EPOC. The way we do this is to "wave" as hard as you can, under control, performing every Method of the 7 in total.  It’s a fantastic metabolic conditioning device. 

Inertia Wave VS. Battle Ropes

The Inertia Wave is fundamentally different from battle ropes. The second you start the 7 Methods of Use, your body automatically engages the posterior chain.  After only a few days use, you will agree. Battle ropes essentially have no stored energy and thus a very small energy potential. In other words, the appeal of the elastomeric tubing of the Inertia Wave over battle ropes is the amount of stored energy in the tubes themselves. The Inertia Wave tubes are alive: you move the tubes; the tubes move you. Jumping off the ground while the tubes are oscillating gives a euphoric feeling. 

This not only corrects postural imbalances, it will relieve tight, protracted shoulder girdle. The Inertia Wave has a constant pull and pressure based on the elasticity of the elastomer. The pull is constantly challenging the posterior chain to stabilize you from the start. The body inertia you create by disrupting the tubes engages the deep stabilizers and core musculature (I call it pebble in a puddle). The force originates in and emanates out. When utilizing the 7-Methods, it increases your metabolic control and energy levels which, in turn, challenges those systems’ need to do quick, reflex, intense, bursts of energy in short 3-minute window durations. By performing the 7-Methods, segueing from one Method to the next cognitively challenges proprioceptors for greater balance, giving you stronger proximal trunk stability.

Battle ropes have the environment to constantly lift and slam abruptly thus challenging the tissue tension and end range of the muscles.

With battle ropes, you need to engage outer muscles just to assist during the lift and slam. Over time, battle rope training increases tissue tensions thus creating pain because you’re locked in one position the entire time. Inertia Wave touches on the quality of rhythm, as opposed to the battle ropes where you just muscle it. The Inertia Wave gives you the opportunity to relax more and focus on your breathing and the positioning of your body in all planes of motion vs muscling it up and down, which is the case of many athletes.  The Inertia Wave is a portable tactile metabolic conditioning device.  It is no joke and only for people who want to or are already engaged in physical activities above the norm.

If you master the 7-Methods, you will save 28 minutes per day, an average of 168 minutes or 2.8 hours per week of NOT doing cardio. A 12-minute bout with a constant (continuous) flow of the 7-Methods equates to a 35-minute cardio machine at the gym. One and a half minutes of the Inertia Wave far exceeds a 4-minute hard climb (out of the saddle) during spinning. The only close burn would be double under continuous jump roping.

NOTE: Double under, not regular jumping rope. 

Why is the Inertia Wave Metabolic conditioning system different from other training systems?

The Inertia Wave system is unlike any other training methods due to the oscillating wave-affect.  For example, with other methods such as barbells, dumbbells, exercise tubing, machines, and kettle bells, gravity takes over as the weight goes back towards the ground (different energy system). During this time when gravity takes over, momentum is used which gives the body and mind a chance to relax. With the Inertia Wave training velocity is used and must be maintained by the end user (YOU) during the entire exercise. Moreover, this forces the user to train or compete at a higher level of intensity via shorter window, and its affect will last longer durations of time (carry over principle). 

How was the Inertia Wave (Met Con) created?

The system was invented by Dave Parise, C.P.T. F.P.T.A. who wanted to develop an extreme, portable, tactile conditioning device for anyone who is looking to get maximum results in an extremely short window of time. Parise created the foundation of the Inertia Wave from the concept of a Wave Crest and Trough with oscillating patterns.  The constant oscillation of these special tubes led him to create the series of 7 Methods of Use. 

Research and development was used to come up with the Inertia Wave as part of a metabolic conditioning station. This anchored patented rubber-like tubing device allows a person to progress properly through the 7 Methods of Use. 

How long will the learning curve take? 

You will immediately feel, enjoy and see the tremendous benefits of the Inertia Wave within 30 seconds. However, metabolic conditioning with the Inertia Wave is a missing link in training and will be challenging. With patience, your kinesthetic awareness will adapt to the movement patterns. 

Why are there different patterns or Methods of Use with Inertia Wave?

All 7-Methods of Use have different resultants/affects that effect energy systems. There is an obvious strength and endurance phase. All 7-Methods challenge all paths and planes of motion.