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The Inertia Wave® STRONG is a high-durability single-person HIIT training device for at home or on the go. With it, you will perform the same beginner and advanced Methods of Use as the Inertia Wave® SOLO, however, the Inertia Wave® STRONG exceeds by adding strength, core, and cardio exercises to the regular routine as well.

What's included with your purchase:

  • (2) Inertia Wave® STRONG tubes
  • (2) Rail Anchors
  • (2) Hand grips
  • (2) Black padded straps
  • (1) Inertia Wave® STRONG mesh Travel Bag
  • (1) Inertia Wave® STRONG user manual (download only)

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How the Inertia Wave® STRONG is different

The Inertia Wave® STRONG is an evolution of our Inertia Wave® SOLO that brings you all of the same benefits and movements as it's predecessor with the addition of strength exercises. The Inertia Wave® STRONG is modified for several new attachments which allow you to challenge your body through resistance during your normal Inertia Wave routine.

High Intensity Interval Training

The Inertia Wave® STRONG uses the same methods of use as the Inertia Wave® SOLO to bring you a full-body HIIT routine that strengthens the core and super-charges your cardiovascular system as it boosts your metabolism and makes fat cells cry!

13 Strength & Core Exercises

Attach the included hand grips or padded belts to engage in a series of exercises designed to challenge your body, build muscle and increase your overall strength.

Everything You Need in One Kit

The Inertia Wave® STRONG comes with a pair of hand grips, padded belts, rail anchors, and a travel bag. Each tube comes with a built-in "noose" on one end. Everything needed to perform the methods of use and strength exercises in one convenient and portable kit.


Inertia Wave® STRONG Tube

Length 9 ft.
Width 2 in.
Height 0.75 in.
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Material Natural elastomer with enhanced physical properties and trace amounts of latex, solid stainless steel O-Ring and carabiner, military-grade paracord noose and webbing.

Rail Anchor w/ Carabiner

Length 18 in.
Width 1 in.
Height 0.25 in.
Weight < 1 lbs.
Material 100% polyester with solid stainless steel O-ring.

Hand Grip w/ Carabiner

Length 8.25 in.
Width 5.125 in.
Height 1.25 in.
Weight < 1 lbs.
Material Plastic composite handle with 100% polyester strap.

Padded Strap

Length 20.5 in.
Width 3 in.
Height 0.25 in.
Weight < 1 lbs.
Material 100% Polypropylene with a padded laminate neoprene.

The Inertia Wave® STRONG has a different resistance profile than the SOLO and DUO because of the complexity of its structure. For strength exercises and core work while using the hand grips or padded belts, you are able to safely stretch the tubes up to 50 inches. We do not recommend using the Inertia Wave® STRONG as a bungee cord! Doing so will exceed its physical property and could cause damage to the product or harm to the user.

No, the Door Anchors are designed to handle stress being as locked into place as possible. If you use the Door Anchors on doors that do not have hinges, you may destroy the Door Anchor or damage your door.

The proper way to anchor using the Rail Anchors is to keep it flat, wrap it tightly around an object, and feed the D-ring through the opening loop of the nylon strap and pull it tightly three times. Make this connection as snug as you can to the point where the strap cannot slide up or down as you utilize the Inertia Wave. Attach the carabiner to the D-ring of the Rail Anchor, and the O-ring of the tube. Make sure the carabiner is completely closed before use. Do NOT attach the Rail Anchors to any sharp or jagged objects. Be sure to use as much of the Rail Anchors as possible - do not shorten or modify (see above).

As shown in the "Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave" video, the anchor points should be a minimum of 36-40 inches from ground at waist height, and between 24-36 inches apart. Please remember to always use your Rail Anchors.

These features are part of the Rail Anchor and are used securely anchor the Inertia Wave. The combination of these components help to alleviate the stress, wear, and torque on the anchored end of the Inertia Wave® STRONG by creating a "stress curve". For best results and a longer lasting Inertia Wave, you MUST keep the Rail Anchors as extended as possible - do not wrap the Rail Anchors around objects repeatedly to shorten its length. The longer the strap, the less strain on the O-ring and tubes.

Yes! If you omit the Rail Anchors to make up for space, you will lose energy in the tubes and weaken the O-ring. If you hook the carabiner directly to your anchor location it will tear on the O-ring and your product will not last. Your Inertia Wave will perform at 100% and last twice as long with the Rail Anchor, carabiner, and O-ring. Note: The carabiner always sits in between the D-ring of the Rail Anchor, and the O-ring of the Inertia Wave.

Yes! The Inertia Wave® STRONG will not work properly if you decide to omit the Rail Anchor and clip the carabiner to anything else. Use at your own risk when modifying the Inertia Wave.

Yes, get creative! If you create another exercise that works for you, we love that! Don't forget to share it on our Facebook (/InertiaWaveOfficial) and Instagram (@inertiawave) pages!

No, the Inertia Wave® STRONG has a green "noose" on each tube which you attach the hand grips to. This noose does not allow the proper wave oscillations, wave lengths, and feedback response when the hand grips are attached. If you perform the methods of use using the hand grips, you will damage the strength of the noose, or have it pulled out completely.

Yes, every method of use you see under the Inertia Wave® SOLO can be performed in the same without the hand grips attached.

The only difference is the STRONG has a green "noose" attachments built into the tubes, attachable hand grips, and two black straps for a complete upper and lower body strength training program.

6 Customer Reviews

Bryan Gillis
March 7, 2020 (2:48 pm)
frank palmisano
March 7, 2020 (1:45 pm)
Great product! I consider myself in good shape, so I thought 10 rounds of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off would be no big deal. I was gasping for air after 6 rounds and my body was in fire. The best part was it’s a lot more gentle on my shoulders than battle ropes.
Pete Borrows
February 16, 2020 (4:02 am)
I purchased 6 Inertia Waves for my facility. I ave never experienced such a dynamic device in my 14 years as a fitness professional. I am speechless! The costo ed service was over the top! The owner himself DM me on Instagram and sent me additional videos. Our staff found additional 500 videos on YouTube . If your thinking of buying, don’t think BUY!! You will love it! Thanks Inertia Wave
Osvaldo Campa-Garcia
January 29, 2020 (12:08 am)
Just got my Inertia Wave,most intense workout I've tried, I can feel the burn, in a good way.
Edward Morales
January 13, 2020 (6:03 pm)
It is a great tool to carry around and really take training to the next level. The customer service was above and beyond and my clients love the intensity. I also love that I can carry this rather than my battle ropes.
David Good
December 12, 2019 (7:00 pm)
Love this training tool! So versatile to do conditioning exercises with and quickly transition to different muscle groups. A total body HIIT workout that's easier on the shoulders than battle ropes. I just bought a 2nd set for my sister and her family!