An In-Depth Review of the Inertia Wave® STRONG
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An In-Depth Review of the Inertia Wave® STRONG

by Dave Parise on Oct 27, 2021

If you want to skip right to the video review, I cover everything you need to know. Have 10 minutes CLICK HERE

The Inertia Wave STRONG  came in a small FedEx bag. The reason I mention this is because, unlike a battle rope, the Inertia Wave tubes don’t take up a lot of room. This makes it great for traveling workouts and easy to store away. Personally, a better battle rope, more intense, more options.

 Once pulled out of the FedEx bag, you can see how the tubes, rail straps, and handles store neatly like a garden hose. They also include a mesh travel bag with the product so you can just toss it in when not in use.

 Here’s what’s included with the Inertia Wave STRONG

 • 2 Inertia Wave Strong tubes

 • 2 rail anchors • 2 hand grips

 • 2 padded straps

 • 1 mesh travel bag 

Specs • Length – 9.5 feet • Width – 2 inches • Weight – 3 lbs •

 Material – natural elastomer with enhanced physical properties, patented density powder, and trace amounts of latex Inertia Wave Solo vs Inertia Wave Strong The Inertia Wave STRONG is an evolution of the Inertia Wave SOLO. You get all of the same benefits and movements as the SOLO with unlimited creative, user-friendly strength exercises. 

The Inertia Wave STRONG is modified for several new attachments that allow you to challenge your body through resistance during your normal Inertia Wave routine. A perfect HIIT saves time routine. The major difference between the two products is the STRONG has a green loop built into the end of each tube. That green loop gives you the ability to attachable handgrips and two black straps. That way you can use the tubes as resistance bands for a complete upper and lower body strength training workout. The SOLO doesn’t bring any handles or straps since it doesn’t have a loop at the end of each tube. Inertia Wave SOLO For my in-depth video review of the Inertia Wave SOLO, watch the video click here 

Anchoring the IW Strong Before you start any exercise with the IW Strong, you have to make sure it’s anchored correctly. You want to anchor the black rail straps 24″ to 36″ apart from each other. Make sure the height of the anchor point is about waist high or at least 36-40 inches. You can anchor the Inertia Waves bands to almost anything. Dumbbell racks, fences, rails, weight sleds, car trunks, drywall, trees, etc. This makes the IW Strong easy to travel with. Inertia Wave Strong Resistance Exercises The Inertia Wave website shows you 13 different resistance exercises you can do with the STRONG. The exercises will hit most major muscle groups. Here are some of them: Abs, core, and obliques Hip thrust Bicep curls Reverse lunges Standing triceps and core I got to admit though, the more I use these tubes, the more exercises I continue to add to my routines. I find myself trying out trying new ways to use the IW Strong as you can see in the video below. I’m using a combo of the Inertia Wave method, followed by sledgehammer slams, then rows. Warning Just want to give you a heads up so you don’t end up hurting yourself or damaging the product.

 When doing the Inertia Wave oscillating methods, make sure you remove the handles and padded straps. If you perform the oscillating exercises while holding on to the handles or straps, you can break the green loop at the end of the tubes. What you want to do instead, is remove the handles and grab the tubes by the rubber grip just like you would with the SOLO. Inertia Wave Strong Benefits The Inertia Wave is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training and is designed to build a stronger core and enhance your speed, stamina, and strength. Once you start oscillating the tubes, the resistance you’re working against is the inertia that builds up in the tubes. Whatever amount of energy you put into it, it will throw right back out at you. So not only do you exert energy by moving the tubes but your body has to resist the energy the tubes shoot back at you. The added benefit of the IW Strong is that now you’re adding a resistance training component to the mix. This forces you to use your entire body and engage all your muscles. Inertia Wave Strong Coupon Code Because the Inertia Wave Strong has been modified to do more than the Inertia Wave Solo, it does cost a bit more than its predecessor. They added several attachments plus the ability to stretch like a resistance band. But I got you… I’ve negotiated a small discount for my readers that will save you a few bucks. Just use the coupon code at checkout and the payment will automatically appear on your screen. You’ll also get FREE standard ground shipping if you live in the U.S. For $5.00 you get in within 3 days!

Thoughts Overall, I love what Inertia Wave’s done with the STRONG. Adding resistance training to a conditioning product gives you a full-body workout from one tool. Will this replace weights? Of course not, but it’s just an option to add resistance training to your workouts if you don’t the ability to go to a gym or don’t own weights. It’s travel-friendly and you attach it to practically anything to get a workout in. To check out the IW Strong, click the link below and if you decide to buy it, use coupon code SHREDDED for a discount.

My ratings for the Inertia Wave STRONG

  Inertia Wave STRONG 4.9