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by Dave Parise on Sep 23, 2021

Realize that while “chasing children” isn’t necessarily a workout, we're at a stage where we likely won't get as much exercise as we want. Here’s a great new workout that moms worldwide have been introduced to the last 3 years. However, let’s talk about the benefits first! This workout is done in 30-45 second windows. YES! Short bursts of metabolic activity, or what we circuit workouts at home. You get to strengthen your core, and supercharges your cardiovascular system. There are video tutorials that show you the advanced, and beginner exercises. Moms you only need a door, hallway, trunk of your car, porch, rails, fence whatever is available to anchor the Inertia Wave ®  Moms you will need 12 feet back from the anchor location. The Inertia Wave is extremely joint-friendly, and therapeutic, as you lose that belly fat by burning more calories than jump rope! (SCSU Metabolic labs study) 

TIPS: Busy Moms know how important Meal Prep is to stay on track nutritionally.

  1. Moms must eat a Good Breakfast, eat protein at each meal, stay fit, make exercise fun, and convenient, do mini workouts at home while the baby is sleeping or awake. Above all stay at home moms must get their sleep too! If you find you don't have time for continuous exercise or that you've missed a workout, that doesn't mean you can't get in some activity. 
  2. Let kids feel like it's a team effort for mom to complete an Inertia Wave session. Let’s say your husband went golfing and you didn't want to miss the opportunity to work out while you waited for him to come home. So, you put the baby down for a nap or had them sit next to you as you start using the Inertia Wave ®. During the wave patterns (found in our video library) they count as you perform the wave pattern of your choice. The baby is ready to help Mama count out her wave reps. 
  3. When you finish a set of 45 seconds, high-five, and yell, “Go, team! We did it! Hooray!”
  4. Acknowledge that watching mom exercise isn't the most fun, but there are rewards afterward.

FACT: We suggest, and many studies conclusively show that exercise in the morning impacts your mood the rest of the day. Also, be honest with your children that mommy works out because it makes mommy much more patient and fun for the whole day after. Kids may have limited ability to understand a verbal explanation like this, but the proof is in the pudding.