Inertia Wave CEO, Dave Parise
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Inertia Wave CEO, Dave Parise

by Dave Parise on Apr 03, 2020

Dear Mr. Parise / Inertia Wave positive energy and through fitness and nutrition keeping the immune system strong, big thank you to inertia wave to offering opportunities of built body stress to even ramp up what our bodies can handle, virus or not.  But it is killing the healthy, old, and compromised.  No one is completely safe.  Inertia wave can push the conditioning of the whole body to build its tolerance for stress and core heat.  

Pretty could good defence should the virus come.  

I am high risk I have COPD.  I believe high conditioning and body heat stress endurance can prepare my body, mind, and spirit to live. 

My home gym, even my heavy bag, I am an mma fighter, will not force my lungs to provide oxygen to my whole body under stress continuously.   Inertia wave will help me push my lungs to make them stronger than even running.  

Some really awful horrific events are already happening in your great country and it is about to be brought to its knees in New York like never before.

I just want you to know your exercise idea is in the paradigm of respiratory therapy as much as it is incredible fitness.  

God Bless America for the tears that she will shed.  

Be safe, stay positive, stay healthy, rest MOST important of all besides social distancing and soap and water hand washing. 

Be safe; be calm, be kind is what our leaders here in the Province of BC say and responded so fast for us as citizens.   They are taking excellent care of us.  Protecting our rentals, mortgages, jobs, and businesses financially, as well has pay as to stay home to provide essentials.  As we stay home and they continue to do their due diligence as our elected leaders to protect and hopefully contain this global pandemic.  

May yours as well we pray. 

My very Best to you!

Michael Badior

British Columbia